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Zoom Rockman


Zoom Rockman (born in 2000) is a British artist and cartoonist whose comic strip Skanky Pigeon first appeared in the Beano when he was 12 years old. His comics have attracted wide critical acclaim for their funny and irreverent critique of urban life and have developed a cult following. Described as a rising star with “edgy wit and genuine cultural awareness well beyond his years,” The Evening Standard named Zoom as one of the most influential Londoners under 25.

Named a “young comic genius” by The Daily Telegraph, British Vogue declares that Zoom has “achieved more than most adults do before they are 40”. Zoom’s work has been praised as “detailed, witty, exuberant and packed with larger-than-life characters” by The Independent, with Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing praising his “funny, pointed, satirical, sophisticated, irreverent wit”. Mike Stirling of the Beano states that “as well as his art skills, Zoom’s a fantastic writing talent. He has a keen eye for the absurdities of grown-up life and pop culture”. As hailed by The Observer Magazine, Zoom’s work is a “snappy, satirical critique of urban life.”

Zoom’s Art has become increasingly collectible. His work humours and heroes the everyday grime and energy of London and his first exhibition of art at The Hospital Club in London was a sell-out event.

As well as his work as a satirist and artist Zoom is passionate about innovation and creativity and has been invited to speak on these subjects at the House of Commons, Advertising Industry events, Comic-Con and the Royal Society.

Zoom is Young Ambassador for the world’s biggest arts charity, The Big Draw.


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