Procartoonists bag couple of CATs

December 10, 2012 in Events, News

The Cartoon Art Trust Awards, an annual fundraiser for the Cartoon Museum in London, were held last week, and this year’s winners, including two members were as follows:

Christmas cartoon by KJ Lamb

Cartoon © KJ Lamb

Joke cartoonist Kathryn Lamb, above, (Private Eye, The Oldie, The Spectator)

Strip cartoonist Steve Bell for “If …” (The Guardian)

Pocket cartoonist Banx (aka Jeremy Banks, Financial Times)

Caricaturist James Ferguson (Financial Times)

Political cartoonist Christian Adams (Daily and Sunday Telegraph)

Congratulations to all the winners.


9 responses to Procartoonists bag couple of CATs

  1. Whoops – clang – hasty disclaimer before anyone draws attention to this… I’ve just seen the above cartoon for the first time in my life and realise it’s almost identical to one I did as a private Christmas card about 5 years ago and had in the Church Times round-up last year. I don’t ever get to see P Eye or the Spectator (or even Oldie these days), so wouldn’t ever have seen Kathryn’s version, wherever or whenever it appeared; but, had I done so before mine, I certainly wouldn’t have gone on to do the same – and I’m quite sure vice versa. Just one of those very unfortunate coincidences that occur.

    Congratulations, Kathryn (and others) on the various awards.

  2. Overlooked again, the bastards!

  3. You reckless fool, Birch ! This is a public blog. Editors and publishers get terribly, terribly hurt if people say horrid things about them.

  4. ‘The Bastards’ must be a Birch strip appearing somewhere in a subscription only publication near you. Better luck next year, Andrew.

  5. If it isn’t already, it should be 🙂

  6. Pete, your PEye strip featured Bastards, but I don’t think we ever found out what business they were in. I wonder what business Birch bastards would be in.

  7. “Birch: The Bastards”. When you’re not using it you could drop the colon & sell it to UKIP as their manifesto…

  8. Fantastic Kathryn Lamb gag, well deserves a prize. Wish I’d thought of it. Bad luck Rupert. Next time, eh? as for Birch, well he’s just bitter. Too much sun, I think. 

  9. Yes – Private Eye passed on a letter after my ‘sports tidings’ cartoon was used, saying that the same ‘sports tidings’ idea had appeared in the Church Times. I had no idea – and of course neither did the Eye.  Merry Christmas and a good New Year to one and all! 

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