Pete Songi


I was born in West London in the seventies and spent most of my early years scribbling where I could find blank space (mainly in the back of board game boxes). Once I realised my art teacher had no love for cartooning; “That’s not Art boy!”, I left Lampton secondary school and embarked in a career in magazine publishing.

Over 30 years later I still practice the dark arts and have been published in The Daily Mirror, The Guardian, The Morning Star, The Critic, Private Eye, SAGA magazine, RIBA Journal, Rugby World, every month in The Jester and every day on social media all using a trusty iPad and Procreate software!

I also animate (as you can see below) and now long for two things – the return of The Cartoonist newspaper and 2DTV.

I’m currently a freelance Cartoonist and Graphic Designer, and live in South East London with with my wife Dyana.