Tat Effby

Tat / The Caketoonist

Tat was a runner up in the 2022 Observer / Jonathan Cape Graphic Short Story Competition with ‘Cancer Sells’, “an uproarious satire on publishing’s obsession with illness memoirs (and reality stars) that for Samira Ahmed brought to mind the work of the late, great French cartoonist Claire Bretécher” Rachel Cooke – The Observer.

Her gag cartoons have appeared in Private Eye (Back in My Day), The Oldie, the Guardian, as Cath Tate Card greeting cards, and her cartoon strip ‘Round the Bend’ is a regular feature in
My Shrewsbury Magazine.

When not drawing she spends her time on social media bridging the sticky gap between cartooning and baking as The Caketoonist. (Please just don’t ask if she’s ever applied for Bake Off.)