Prospect's new Cartoonist of the Month

December 14, 2009 in News

The latest Cartoonist of the Month over at Prospect magazine’s First Drafts blog is Huw Aaron. Click here to read the interview.

Welshman Huw says that the response from fellow countrymen when he says he’s a cartoonist is usually “Does ‘ew work for Disnee then, butt?”

Bloghorn also liked his response when asked how he copes with rejection: “I store up the bitterness inside, layering each new rejection onto my festering ball of solid bile …” We’re almost certain he’s joking.

2 responses to Prospect's new Cartoonist of the Month

  1. Hurrah for Huw!

  2. Thanks Royston! One layer of bile peeled away there.

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