Punch and the Judies

May 10, 2017 in General

© Sally Artz and Punch Archives

A PCO EXCLUSIVE from The Surreal McCoy:

The March 1972 edition of Punch magazine was billed as the New Women’s issue. In a nod to the feminist movement, it featured an all-women cast of writers, editors and cartoonists. The PCO’s very own Sally Artz was initially commissioned to produce a full colour front cover but it was relegated to an inside page with the cover going instead to Michael ffolkes.

“…More Donald McGill than Punch with a huge, bosomy woman (accompanied by tiny hen-pecked husband) being shown the wine-label, in a restaurant, by the leering wine waiter. We were all pretty pissed-off by the whole MCP [male chauvinist pig] attitude. How times change!” Sally Artz

You can read Barbara Castle’s article from the same issue about the controversy:

Michael ffolkes’ Punch cover ©Punch Archives




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  1. Must say, except for this one, glaring example, I’ve never (to my knowledge) experienced any discrimination on the grounds of being a woman.  In 60 years in the job, I’ve always felt we were all pretty equal – in other words, discriminated against for being cartoonists!

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