Putting on one’s top hat

Cartoonists have to be resourceful creatures because of the range of jobs they are asked to undertake. Procartoonists member Pete Dredge explains more:
At the start of the year I had a call from an agency requiring a witty cartoon to publicise a client’s beer festival. This was no ordinary beer festival…
Procartoonists.org  Peter Dredge Ascot Beer Festival
© Pete Dredge
Their budget was reasonable, roughs were presented and the job was completed and fee paid on time. There was also some throw away line about sending me some comp tickets for the October beer festival and also tickets for a June race meeting.
I had forgotten all about it  when, a few weeks ago, an invite to lunch with Ascot’s chief executive arrived, along with two passes for the Royal Enclosure on Royal Ascot Ladies Day. I had hardly time to get the eBay account online before the better half had bought the hat, chosen the outfit and matching accessories and booked the day off work. There was no way back. A visit to Moss Bros soon followed for suiting and booting (and top hatting). With a bit of luck there may be something left from the original fee to place an each way bet.
Procartoonists.org  Kate Scurfield on AScot Race Day
© Kate Scurfield
Pete was also in good company as the event has a fine tradition of using cartoonists to promote their day.
They had used Mac, Peattie & Taylor (“Alex”) and our very own Kate Scurfield in previous years, all hard acts to follow.
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