Roger and out: Chairman steps down

May 1, 2014 in Events, General, News

Roger Penwill narrates the Melodrawma at Shrewsbury 2014

Roger Penwill narrates the Melodrawma at Shrewsbury 2014. Photo by Kasia Kowalska

Roger Penwill reflects on more than a decade as chairman of the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival as he hands over the reins:

I first approached the town of Shrewsbury with the idea of staging an annual cartoon festival in 2002. Back then very few people knew what a cartoon festival was, including the local council.

The idea gradually took root and the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival began in 2004. I had no idea that it would still be going strong after 11 years, I didn’t expect it to last more than two. It is the UK’s longest running annual cartoon festival by far and is currently the only one of its kind in the country. Hopefully it will still be with us for many years into the future.

Each year we festival organisers have enticed top cartoonists from our country and around the world to Shrewsbury in April. Numerous talks and workshops have been given over the “Cartoonists Live!” weekends. Nearly 50 exhibitions of cartoons have been shown, often giving the public opportunities to buy this collectable art form.

Roger Penwill drawn at Shrewsbury 2014 by Matt Buck

Roger Penwill drawn at Shrewsbury 2014 by Matt Buck

Exhibitions of cartoons from the UK, Australia, France, Greece, Germany, Holland, the US and elsewhere have been staged. Also each year, drawing live, have been many of the country’s best caricaturists. The huge Big Board cartoons were a world’s first for the festival.

What makes cartooning appealing to all ages is its emphasis on fun. The festival is defined by its humour, from its often bemused mascot Barry the Shrew (Shrew … Barry – geddit?) to the chaotic Melodrawma comic strip, which is drawn to a live narration, musical accompaniment and sound effects.

The festival may well have inspired many who have visited it to take up pen and brush. We would like to think so. It certainly was the inspiration for the birth of the Professional Cartoonists Organisation, with which it is closely linked.

The festival has been well-supported by the Shropshire Council from the start, but this year it could not continue with its funding because of cutbacks. The festival is therefore adapting to a self-funded future, which it is confident it can do.

Detail from this year's Big Boards, photographed by The Surreal McCoy

Detail from this year’s Big Boards, photographed by The Surreal McCoy. Clockwise from top left: Bill Stott, Chichi Parish, Dave Brown, Rupert Besley, Rich Skipworth and Royston Robertson

After 11 years in charge, I felt this was time for a fresh hand on the tiller so I’ve decided to remove mine. Happily I have been able to hand over the chairmanship of the organising team to Rich Skipworth.

Apart from being a splendid cartoonist himself, Rich is a proven of organiser of cartooning events. I am sure he’ll do a grand job.

So, another enjoyable and popular festival has been and gone (but the exhibitions are still open) and the serious planning for next year gathers pace …

3 responses to Roger and out: Chairman steps down

  1. Well done, Roger.

    It isn’t easy to get an event up and running once, never mind time and again over a decade. The Shrewsbury festival has endured longer than Ayr, Rathdrum or any other attempt to get a continental-style cartoon event rooted in the British Isles.  In a field where comics and the attendant glamour of tv, movie and video game entertainment garner all the attention (and money) it’s great to see a success being made of humorous cartooning and caricature.
  2. I echo what Terry says. Roger’s input over the years has been huge. it is largely down to him that the whole thing exists…with lots and lots of work from other local power houses like Alison Patrick, KarenLloyd, Bill McCabe, John Roberts, Bill Stott and countless other volunteers who gave time to make it work. Oh, and Shrewsbury Council. Roger’s stint as Head Honcho of the world cartoon organisation FECO allowed him to see how popular cartoon festivals were all over Europe and he wondered if he could reproduce these here. It turns out he could. It’s taken a while for people to understand what’s going on but slowly it’s developed a real character. 

    Top hats off to you, Roger. Over.
  3. Ditto above. As one who has attempted similar endeavours in the past, only to be chewed up and spat out in pretty short shrift my metaphorical hat is suitably doffed to Roger and the team.

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