Round-up: What the Bloghorn saw

July 1, 2011 in News

Rob Murray writes:

Australian current affairs website Crikey asks whether all physical attributes are fair game for caricature, or whether some may leave the cartoonist facing charges of sexism.

Too soon? In poor taste? Or a reasonable artistic response to world events? Eyebrows are being raised over at the Washington Post about a new graphic novel that interprets the events surrounding the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. Samples from a draft of the book can be seen here.

Scheduled for the last week in September, the Bath Festival of Children’s Literature 2011 is shaping up to be a memorable event for all those with an interest in illustration. The confirmed line-up includes appearances by artists including Axel Scheffler, Lydia Monks and Tony DiTerlizzi. Other highlights are a talk on Hergé’s great creation by Tintinologist Michael Farr, and a chance for kids to have a go at making their own picture book.

Retail news for all those either London-bound or living in the capital: haven for all things cartoony, Gosh! Comics, is moving to bigger premises after 25 years opposite the British Museum. It will relocate to a larger store at 1 Berwick Street in August.

If there is anything you think we should have seen please add it in the comments or write to us here.

3 responses to Round-up: What the Bloghorn saw

  1. there’s nothing more satisfying that satirizing my own sex, and my own self too…ha ha ha…i have “big” lips so when i drew caricatures of myself emphasizing that same facial characteristic i was taken to task by the Politically Correct Cartoon Police for “mimicking black women” … well, i was just mimicking myself, folks, excuuuuuuuuse me…i think the problem lies with anger management, like, you know, the unmanaged anger emerges as “What are YOU laughing at?!”…
    here’s links to some of my satires of women:

  2. Excellent stuff on your site Dorrie.
    Only very, very occasionally are cartoons and caricatures out-and-out sexist. To most of us, that is. There are folk out there who get a kick out of being offended on their own or others’ behalves. The one element of caricaturing which fascinates me is how the live caricaturist deals with the subject who sits down in front of them, and has a face like a bag of spanners.

  3. Thanks for the comment Dorrie – and for sharing some nice work.

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