Round up: What the Bloghorn saw

Rob Murray writes:

French president Nicolas Sarkozy has become the latest real-life subject of a ‘Where’s Wally?’-style puzzle book (others have included Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Osama Bin Laden). The new book, ‘Où est Sarko?’, takes a tongue-in-cheek view of Sarkozy’s presidency and apparent omnipresence, with the cartoon illustrations depicting memorable scenes from his time in office. You can read more at The Guardian.

The work of a local newspaper cartoonist may get a fresh airing, decades after they were first published. Frederick Terry Frampton’s 80-year-old son John has carefully compiled his father’s work for the Enfield Gazette from the 1930s and is considering publishing them as a book aimed at local history enthusiasts. Read more here.

Over in the US, The Salt Lake Tribune has shown it clearly recognises the popularity of cartoons with a newspaper’s readership. While continuing to publish a variety of comic strips in its print edition, it is also dramatically increasing the number of cartoons it carries online. In a piece announcing the changes, the SLT discusses the importance of cartoon content to a paper’s identity and sales. Bloghorn would like to see more of this sort of thinking from editors. 

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