Separated by an ocean, united in common purpose

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© Peter Schrank

Cartooning in the current political climate is certainly never dull as the views of two cartoonists, both of them brilliant, will testify.

Peter Schrank and David Sipress ply their trade on opposite sides of the Atlantic but share a common aim: holding politicians to account. Whilst Peter is an experienced, award winning political cartoonist, David is better known for his wonderful gag cartoons in The New Yorker and this possibly goes some way to explaining their different takes on the job.

Swiss born Peter Schrank concentrates on the creative stimuli the likes of Trump, Putin et al can provide, and the sheer fun to be had drawing these political figures. At the same time as acknowledging the joys of the job, the award winning political cartoonist feels a moral obligation is required in this line of work too.

Read Peter Schrank’s article, “The Cartoonist’s Dilemma”, on the E!Sharp website.


© David Sipress / The New Yorker

New Yorker cartoonist David Sipress takes a darker view, the result of a “tour of duty” in the esteemed publication’s topical slot, the Daily Cartoon. He is more concerned about the mental toll political cartooning can inflict upon the artist.

His views can be read in this article on The New Yorker website.


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