Shooting Cartoonists at the Seaside

Shooting Cartoonists at the Seaside (Herne Bay) © David Cross
Shooting Cartoonists at the Seaside (Herne Bay), a watercolour © David Cross. Click image to enlarge

We’re grateful to David Cross for sending us this wonderful watercolour of cartoonists in action at the Herne Bay Cartoon Festival. Click the image to enlarge and see how many cartoonists, and other great details, you can spot.

David, who curated the Outrage! exhibition at the Seaside Gallery, called the painting Shooting Cartoonists at the Seaside (Herne Bay).

He explains: “I was around all day, mainly taking photos and noticing all the other heavy-camera guys snapping away like crazy. I sat at the drawing board the next day and put it together from photos and memory and some invention.”

The photographer pictured at the front is George Wilson, a recorder of Herne Bay’s social and cultural life since the 1960s.

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