Shrewsbury festival gets spooky

The organisers of the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival have announced the theme for next year’s event: magic, myths and the paranormal.

PCOer Roger Penwill, the Chairman of the festival, told Bloghorn: “After finding the humour in earthly subjects in the six previous festivals this will be the opportunity for cartoonists, with their fertile imaginations, to look sideways at otherworldly matters.

“It’s a chance to deal with smoke and mirrors, the stuff of legend, and things that go bump in the night. The results could be scary … but probably not.”

The Professional Cartoonists Organisation is closely involved in the development and staging of the festival together with Shropshire Council and Shrewsbury Civic Society. Check out the festival website for future developments.

The 7th Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival takes place in the Shropshire market town on April 22-25, 2010.

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