Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival 2010

More than 40 of the UK’s top cartoonists will be drawing for and entertaining the public at the UK’s only cartoon festival next month. There will be many workshops, clinics, talks and much drawing of cartoons and caricatures over the weekend of April 22-25.

On the Friday and Saturday in the town square, the cartoonists challenge themselves against the clock, with huge blank canvases placed in front of them, to complete the Big Boards. You can see one of the finished boards from last year here.

Bloghorn Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival Big Board © Ger Whyman

The confirmed cartoonist attendees this year are:

Andy Davey, The Surreal McCoyDave BrownMartin HoneysettJohn LandersClive GoddardWill DawbarnGerard WhymanRupert BesleySteve BrightBill StottJohn RobertsAngela MartinSteve WayHelen MartinJed PascoeSimon CassiniSheba CassiniTim LeatherbarrowChris RyderChichi ParishCathy SimpsonAndy GilbertTim Harries and  Martin Rowson.

The festival will also be welcoming three Australian Cartoonists: Steve PanozzoJason Chatfield and Dean Alston, and a large contingent from Greece.

Alex Hughes, Royston Robertson and Matt Buck will be there for reporting for Bloghorn and we think that there will be a large “fringe event” going on too. So, if you are planning a trip to the festival as a cartoonist or as a fan of the fun, please tell us in the comments below.

We’ll be talking more about the exhibitions which run across the town on the Bloghorn next Friday.

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