Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival 2010

March 5, 2010 in General

Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival 2010 Image from Photograph copyright Gerard Whyman

Photograph © Gerard Whyman

The UK’s big cartooning event of the year, the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival is coming to Bloghorn.

This year the weekend is April 22-25 and the theme is Magic, Myth and Mystery. It is the 7th year of the festival, making it the UK’s longest running event of its type. There will be a large range of events catering for joke and cartoon enthusiasts of all ages and Bloghorn will be featuring news about all of these every Friday leading up to the event. If you are curious about what goes on at a cartoon festival take a look back at our coverage of Shrewsburys past

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  1. There’s an imbalance here. UK newspapers,aimed at THE PUBLIC on line and in print, national and regional, use fewer and fewer cartoons. Of those which still do, some have switched from UK cartoonists to cheaper syndicated work from wherever. West Wales’ humour spot is presently covered by the work of a Canadian cartoonist. The editor of a West Wales newspaper recently thought it was ok to print a Canadian cartoon poking fun at Obama’s US Health Care programme. Deeply significant in Aberaron.
    As this apparent editorial disregard for readers’ [THE PUBLIC] needs progresses, Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival, which shows much of the best of UK cartooning as well as attracting good, on – theme work from abroad, flourishes. The Festival depends on PUBLIC interest and support. Editors, locally and nationally really need to wake up and take note. THE PUBLIC like cartoons.[although I’m not sure how white hot local feelings about U.S. Health Care from a Canadian point of view are on the Gower Peninsula]

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