Seminar aims for success

February 18, 2013 in Events, News

The third annual Success in Comics seminar was held at the weekend in Maryland in the US. Despite the name, it covers all areas of cartooning and cartoon illustration and focuses on how freelancers can make their business grow.

Alan Gardner of The Daily Cartoonist website attended and took notes from each speaker. His write-ups at the site, from the likes of Mad magazine’s Tom Richmond and the gag cartoonist Mark Anderson, provide a wealth of tips and advice for cartoonists. You can see the full list of reports here. Gardner also live-tweeted the event: #successcomics

Tundra cartoon © Chad Carpenter

Tundra cartoon © Chad Carpenter/

Success in Comics is organised by Chad Carpenter, creator the self-syndicated cartoon Tundra, above, and his marketing/sales manager Bill Kellogg.

3 responses to Seminar aims for success

  1. Fascinating stuff ! How differently we [I] do it. Makes me feel very passive.

  2. I know what you mean, Bill. It’s admirable the way guys such as Chad Carpenter are doing it for themselves. I think there’s a tendency here in the UK to still rely on established publishers/magazines etc.

  3. I agree with that last comment.

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