Sun shine wears off for Davey

November 7, 2013 in Comment, General, News

The_sun_logo_@_procartoonists.orgThe Sun, the largest circulation print newspaper in the UK is now without a weekday editorial cartoonist after Andy Davey, one of our members, left the paper.

With Andy’s help we shall be writing about this story and what it represents during the next week but you will get advance warning if you read one of our recent posts from Nick Newman of Private Eye (also a member) and a large piece produced by the New Statesman magazine during last summer.

3 responses to Sun shine wears off for Davey

  1. Sad day indeed – a huge loss.

  2. Sobering news for all in Andy’s position.

    I’ll be interested to hear more while regretting that the situation has arisen at all.
  3. “Stupid” is an over-used word, I suppose, but not in this case. Whoever makes this sort of decision at The Sun is obviously and undeniably stupid. Trying to understand their reasoning is a bit like attempting to bond with a slug. There’s simply no common ground.

    I’ll be interested to read any sort of justification from The Sun. I don’t think there will be any. Because the person who made the decision is stupid, they don’t realise what they’ve lost. 

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