Pick a president, any president

The four yearly festival of politics delivered by the American presidential election is in full swing and this time it is also bringing innovation from the US cartoonist Ann Telnaes. Ann has made a purpose-built app for the duration of the campaign called Potuspick.com. For the record, Potus is the the abbreviation for President of the […]

Big Draw 2012: The compere tweets

The final word on this year’s Big Draw launch goes to Libby Purves, journalist, broadcaster, compere of the event and Procartoonists.org patron, who sent us this dispatch from the front line of the Battle of Cartoonists I may not be a trained war correspondent but here goes: In that echoing temple of Papal tapestry-based art, […]

Pictures from The Big Draw 2012

Yesterday saw the launch of The Big Draw 2012 and many of our members were at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to kick off the month-long campaign. These few photos feature the Battle of the Cartoonists which was held in the huge Raphael Room at the museum. We’ll be publishing a full report on the day on Tuesday. The Big Draw […]

The Big Draw: who’s drawing?

Here’s the full list of cartoonist combatants in the Battle of the Cartoonists at this weekend’s Big Draw, Big Make launch event. Compere Libby Purves of the oh-so-neutral Times newspaper will be keeping order. In a brief spot of self-congratulatory parping from our resident Foghorn, Procartoonists.org has members in all seven of the teams. Big Girls Drawers Chichi Parish […]

Battle of the Cartoonists 2012: Bring it on!

Can London take any more excitement? First the Olympics, then the Paralympics, now the Pen-and-ink-ics! Andrew Birch, Private Eye cartoonist and Procartoonists.org member, writes: This Sunday (September 30) at 2pm, seven teams of Britain’s best cartoonists will gather in The Raphael Room at the Victoria and Albert Museum in The Battle of The Cartoonists. Half an […]

Personal Bests: Olympics in cartoons

The London Olympics are here and throughout the event we will be giving you the cartoons from Personal Bests, the main exhibition from the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival of 2011, which had the sporting theme. The selling exhibition was a popular hit and the cartoons have been in a travelling exhibition since. We’ll be posting regular sporting laughs here […]

Diamond Jubilation

How one’s Diamond Jubilee might get imagineered. “ OK. Ideas. Royal Progress. Any? Toby. Yes?” “Well, erm, they’re both well, erm, getting on a bit, yeah?” “We know that Toby – ergo the Diamond bit in Jubilee. ” “Yes, well, erm, I thought that, well, and I mean, well, perish the thought … ” “That’s […]

Picture this: the 2012 Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival

We promised you more coverage of this year’s Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival, so here is a visual feast. This highlights many of the events held for the public, and shows that even the erratic weather could not dampen spirits. Pictures by Nathan Ariss, Matt Buck, Nicolette Petersen, Rich Skipworth and Gerard Whyman.

The festival also known as #shrews12

Another Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival has been and gone, and Procartoonists.org members were there in force adding to a weekend of drawing and superb fun. We’ll have more on the festival as the pictures and thoughts come in, once everyone has recovered. But in the meantime … lots of us involved in the event, and others, were […]