Beauty or bunk? The art of creativity

Cartoonist and member Bill Stott talks creativity while trying to avoid the usual pitfalls “Creativity is bunk” – I can’t remember where I read that, but it sort of lodged, because its bizarre. Not unlike Big Brother being classed as entertainment. Maybe its one of the utterings of the great, good, and often dead. […]

Foggy and der yoof

Our anthropomorphic friend launches himself upon the hard world of educashun.

Fog on the high ground

In which our anthropomorphic Foghorn considers the horrors inherent in the role of the editorial or comment cartoonist.

Foggy gets syndicated

Our anthropomorphic friend pleads on behalf of the UK’s manufacturers of off and on colour jokes.

Foghorn gets hip to the jive

Foghorn acts as the anthropomorphic agent to the UK Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation and we, er, endorse this message.

Foghorn makes things safe

In which our anthropomorphic friend shows G4S how security should be delivered. Please discuss in the comments.