Putting a voice to the face

We told you in March about William Rudling, the cartoonist and Procartoonists.org member who is one of four finalists in Radio 4’s So You Want to be a Scientist? He recently took his Faces and Voices experiment to the Bang Goes the Theory roadshow in Sheffield. Here is his report: The warm welcome and friendly support […]

Cartoonists crack Eggheads

The Cartoonists, a team put together by the Professional Cartoonists Organisation, stormed to victory on the TV quiz show Eggheads last night, after winning each of their head-to-head rounds. Egghead Kevin Ashman described it as “the most comprehensive defeat we’ve ever had”. Here, team captain Alex Hughes explains how it all happened A little over […]

Shrewsbury Festival events – the art of reverse caricature

Caricature is the art of exaggerating the features of the face while retaining the identity of the person being drawn. Reverse caricaturing is the art of giving someone the body they may, or may not, desire. Here, one of the PCO’s patrons, Libby Purves, gets reinvented as a bunny girl.British cartoon talent From the PCO […]

PCO Procartoonists – Where creativity comes from – part 1

PCOer John Roberts writes; I was telephoned before Christmas by a very enthusiastic young lady telling me that she worked for a television production company. She told me she thought a caricaturist was something that they were looking for.A caricature of Nicole Kidman by PCO member John Roberts Her company had been commissioned to set […]