When cartoonists meet The Public

Bill Stott, who will be writing regularly for the Procartoonists.org blog, gives us his take on the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival: Shrewsbury is an opportunity to meet that most unpredictable of creatures: The Public. At Shrewsbury at least, they take cartooning in their stride. I was inking my 8ft by 5ft Big Board, when a couple (“We’ve […]

A taste of cartoon festival fun

Filmed at the 2011 Shewsbury Cartoon Festival, this is a three-minute montage of what you can expect at this years event, from today until Sunday: live caricaturing, Big Board cartoons, exhibitions, Humurals, workshops, cartoon talks, a caption competition,  a live Melodrawma and, yes, more! Click those links to see more of our coverage of Shrewsburys past. […]

Shrewsbury perspective

Shrewsbury festival cartoonist Bill Stott writes: Amongst all the frenetic cartooning activity at Shrewsbury – the Big Boards, the caricaturing, strolling players in costume, the music, the wonderful weather and the public throng, two tiny incidents serve to underline the public’s liking for good cartoons. One involved a tiny chap called Pacey who stood with his […]

Can you tell what it is yet?

The PCO’s unofficial official photographer, Gerard Whyman, has put together a short YouTube film that shows the development of the Big Boards at the 2011 Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival. The time-lapse film is a fascinating watch, as it shows the different approaches taken by the cartoonists to the daunting task of filling a 6ft by 8ft […]

Shrewsbury 2010 – Sunday

A small but important addition to this year’s Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival is the exhibition of the completed Big Boards on the Sunday. There is so much activity over the weekend that it’s easy to miss seeing some of the finished boards, but now the public get the chance to see this unique exhibition at their […]

Shrewsbury 2010 – Saturday

Laughter and music has been ringing out on the streets of Shrewsbury today as the cartoon festival gets into full swing. The market square has been abuzz with crowds who have come to see the cartoonists producing Big Boards, caricatures and “reverse” caricatures, with live bonus as an added bonus. Political cartoonist Martin Rowson didn’t […]

Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival 2010

More than 40 of the UK’s top cartoonists will be drawing for and entertaining the public at the UK’s only cartoon festival next month. There will be many workshops, clinics, talks and much drawing of cartoons and caricatures over the weekend of April 22-25. On the Friday and Saturday in the town square, the cartoonists […]

A Big Board from start to finish

Cartoonist Tim Harries demonstrates how to draw a Big Board cartoon from start to finish, at this year’s Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival