Snapshots from Shrewsbury – the bigger picture

First person testimony on how it feels to try and make something this big in less than ten hours comes from PCOer Pete Dredge. ’For the majority of our working year we toil away in solitary isolation, hidden away, apparently unloved and unsure of our worth. Two days in Shrewsbury’s town square working on a […]

A Shrewsbury Big Boarder writes – about drawing

PCOer Pete Dredge writes about making a Big Board for the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival: I’ve been in training for weeks now, aiming to be at peak fitness for the Big Board Challenge at Shrewsbury this month. Yes, the “knee-bending, back-stretching, squat-thrusting and magnum marker pen-clutching” exercise DVD has been dusted off once again in […]

How big is your pencil?

Bloghorn noticed yesterday that artist David Hockney has donated his largest ever painting to the Tate Britain museum in London. The enormous picture is called “Bigger Trees Near Warter” and he’s made a pun in the title. It’s a play on words with a small village in East Yorkshire. This art behaviour is bit like […]