What the Bloghorn Saw

Asterix artist and co-creator Albert Uderzo has decided to retire after 52 years of drawing the famous Gaul – and is handing the reins to an as-yet unknown younger artist. The BBC has more on the story here. Over at the Guardian, Samira Ahmed argues that Uderzo’s departure means Asterix should retire as well. In […]

Welcome back to ‘obscene’ postcards

Bloghorn is pleased to report the recent Margate cartoon postcard exhibition will be back on display in the British Cartoon Archive Gallery, at the University of Kent, from 24 September. This time it will run for six weeks. The original exhibition ran for only ten days but will get a longer run in nearby Canterbury. […]

Round-up: What the Bloghorn saw

Rob Murray writes: Following the overthrow of Col. Gaddafi, artistic Libyans have painted caricatures of the dictator on walls throughout the country. A Swedish cartoonist who has received death threats for depicting the Prophet Mohammed as a dog was the target of a foiled attack last month, according to the Telegraph. Cartoonist and New Yorker […]

Cartoon: To the point

Bloghorn thanks reader Chris D.Williams for spotting this entertaining piece of promotion by cartoonist David Shrigley. We also suggest that if you are keen to use cartoon art on your own or, the body of someone else, you pick from a wider menu of options. Take a random option or try the link below. Bloghorn […]

Round-up: What the Bloghorn saw

Rob Murray writes: As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 nears, around 90 US cartoonists across five different syndicates have come together to produce commemorative editions of their strips. There’s more on the story at The Huffington Post and Voice of America. Meanwhile, Daryl Cagle has also asked some of America’s top political cartoonists to reflect […]

Most high-profile cartoon in the world

The Google doodles – the drawings which accompany the advertising company’s ubiquitous search engine – are the most read cartoons in the world. Bloghorn admires the company’s long-term use of drawn imagery as a piece of business promotion (do visit the archives.) Today they have moved the still cartoon image into a animated video celebrating […]

Bloghorn: Moving home this autumn

We’re back after our summer holiday with some good news for the autumn. We’re moving to a new home alongside all of the portfolios from our membership of professional UK cartoonists. Packing the boxes will take us a little while but this blog won’t be moving anywhere even though eventually all our new updates will […]

Round up: What the Bloghorn saw

Rob Murray writes: Music by The Smiths has inspired a comics collection, Unite and Take Over, due for release in November. Smiths fan Shawn Demumbrum of Phoenix, Arizona has assembled 13 creative teams to interpret songs by the band as comic strips, each three or four pages in length. Demumbrum, who is currently looking for […]