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Foghorn makes things safe

July 19, 2012 in Comment, General

In which our anthropomorphic friend shows G4S how security should be delivered. Please discuss in the comments.

Foghorn_July 21 © Andy Davey @

© Andy Davey @

by Royston

Cartoonist has a go at cartoonists

December 3, 2008 in General

Cartoonist Stephan Pastis has used his newspaper comic strip Pearls Before Swine to take a very funny swipe at cartoonists who peddle what he sees as hackneyed and dated gags about subjects such as golf, henpecked husbands and “hot secretaries”. Bloghorn says, feel free to voice your objections to either side of the argument in comments, below.

You can see the strip here. Thanks to Mike Lynch.

The PCO: Great British cartoon talent

by Royston

Cartoon clichés

February 2, 2008 in Comment, General, News

Susha Lee-Shothaman, cartoon editor at Prospect magazine, has compiled a list of the most common scenarios she sees in cartoons, for the magazine’s First Drafts blog:

The Top Ten Cartoon Clichés

“While clichés and good writing do not mix, a hackneyed setting is no bar to a funny cartoon. In fact, the cliché often adds to the humour, with the joke lying in the updating of the familiar setting to recent events.”

Susha also gives us her take on the job of cartoon editing:
“It is, as you’d expect, a fun job, involving a lot of laughing, something which cannot be said about the chore of sorting through the articles that we are sent.”

British cartoon talent