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Free expression for winning cartoonist

March 31, 2010 in General

PCO member Alex Matthews has been declared the first winner of the Free Expression Cartoon Contest by the Council for Secular Humanism.

The theme for the competition was Religion, and Alex’s prize-winning entry (above) netted him $2500 (£1650). Pulitzer-prize winning judge Steve Benson said of the cartoon:

Wickedly humorous, brutally direct, effectively and simply rendered. A stinging indictment of the Catholic Church’s pedophilic priest scandal that allows absolutely no room for the predictable apologetic defense. Left me laughing and wincing at the same time!

Alex, who originally sold the cartoon to Private Eye, where it provoked a couple of angry letters, told the Bloghorn:

I thought it was a pretty strong and controversial cartoon but this was a massive surprise for me, particularly as I had forgotten I entered this competition!

Religion, seen from my atheist perspective, is a favourite of subject of mine, so it is great to get some kind of recognition for a cartoon I am genuinely proud of.

Our congratulations to Alex on his win.

Ken Sprague International Cartoon Competition 2010

February 3, 2010 in General

The 2008 winning entry from Mikhail Zlatkovsky

Entries are being sought for the 2010 International Political Cartoon Competition. The biennial competition is run by the Ken Sprague Fund, which was set up to commemorate the life and work of Ken Sprague, who died in 2004.

John Green, organiser of the competition told Bloghorn:

This year’s biennial Ken Sprague International Political Cartoon Competition is titled, ironically, Money Makes the World go Round. We are asking cartoonists to respond to this assertion in the way cartoonists can do best: mock it, take it apart, undermine it, sabotage it, question it and deflate it with their pens and brushes. We had such an enormous response to the last competition on Climate change and global warming, revealing an astounding quality of ideas and cartooning panache. We hope this year will see a similar high standard on a subject that affects us all. This year’s competition is co-sponsored by the North Devon Appledore Arts Festival and a selection of the best cartoons will be exhibited there.

Prizes wll be awarded for first, second and third, along with a special ’emerging artist’ award for 16-22 year olds. The deadline for submissions is the 1st May 2010.