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An invitation from

August 27, 2012 in Comment, General, News

UK Professional Cartoonists'

© Nathan Ariss @

Following the learned article in the New Statesman magazine pondering the future of cartooning, the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation would like to invite the title to follow a suggestion from its companion in current affairs, The Spectator.

We note that inside the edition the New Statesman is asking its readers whether this is something they would like, and we would encourage all to vote yes. Doing so both early and often.

Then we can all look forward to many more happy years of work together, whether our sales are made for pixels, for print or both. Our thanks to Nathan Ariss for the invitation cartoon above. You can find him in our portfolios alongside many others.

Cartoon round-up: Bob Diamond and the banks

July 2, 2012 in General, Links, News

Sometimes a news story just demands a round up of cartoons. Some from our members, and some not. We’ll be adding to them as we can this week. Please do make suggestions and offer links for other cartoons you may have seen on this subject in the comments below.

Barclays Bank in the UK © Chris Madden

© Chris Madden

Chief Executive Bob Diamond is a particular target, perhaps for an angry mob.

Bob Diamond of Barclays © Steve Bright for The Sun

© Steve Bright for The Sun

Of course, this may not bother him.

Bob Diamond © Andrew Birch for Private Eye

© Andrew Birch for Private Eye

Bob Diamond of Barclays © Bill Stott

© Bill Stott

Of course these few examples contain a great variety of visual references including popular culture…

© Dave Brown for The Independent
© Dave Brown for The Independent

old films…

© Martin Rowson from Guardian

© Martin Rowson for The Guardian

recent news events…

© Kipper Williams in the Guardian @

© Kipper Williams for The Guardian

and other pieces of art.

Cartoon: Barclays Bank - a love of money © Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons for Tobias Grubbe

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons for Tobias Grubbe

The other big event

April 28, 2011 in Comment, News

While parts of the country are reeling under the weight of Royal Wedding merchandise (see here) the UK is also having its traditional May elections.

Cartoonist and new Bloghorn contributor Rob Murray, writes:

Candidate Dafydd Trystan Davies is campaigning with something a bit different from the traditional manifesto, instead commissioning a cartoon strip that outlines his ambitions for the constituency he hopes to represent.

Example of an election cartoon leaflet from the 2011 local elections in South Wales. Image displayed at bloghorn for the UK Professional Cartoonists' Organisation

Image © Dai Owen

The strip, by artist Dai Owen, shows Davies travelling through Cynon Valley in South Wales and touches on his goals for public transport, employment, housing and the local health service.

Image © Dai Owen


Davies, the Plaid Cymru candidate for the seat, told the Western Mail that the cartoon has already gone down well with the public. “They’ve laughed and they’ve read it – two important things,” he said, adding: “It’s a fun way to get a message across to people who are by and large disengaged with politics.”

Bloghorn would like to see more cartoons being used in publicity campaigns, be they political, commercial or charitable.