An invitation from

Following the learned article in the New Statesman magazine pondering the future of cartooning, the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation would like to invite the title to follow a suggestion from its companion in current affairs, The Spectator. We note that inside the edition the New Statesman is asking its readers whether this is something they would like, and we would encourage all […]

Cartoon round-up: Bob Diamond and the banks

Sometimes a news story just demands a round up of cartoons. Some from our members, and some not. We’ll be adding to them as we can this week. Please do make suggestions and offer links for other cartoons you may have seen on this subject in the comments below. Chief Executive Bob Diamond is a […]

The other big event

While parts of the country are reeling under the weight of Royal Wedding merchandise (see here) the UK is also having its traditional May elections. Cartoonist and new Bloghorn contributor Rob Murray, writes: Candidate Dafydd Trystan Davies is campaigning with something a bit different from the traditional manifesto, instead commissioning a cartoon strip that outlines his […]