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by Royston

Cartoonist draws funny money for C4

March 6, 2009 in General

It seems the government is set on printing more money to get us out of
the current economic crisis, so journalists and cartoonists everywhere
are having to learn how to spell quantitative easing.

But when you need funny money in a hurry, who better to call on than a
cartoonist? That’s what Channel 4 News did yesterday, summoning
Bloghorn’s own Matt Buck, aka Hack, into the studio to design Brown’s
new notes. Click the video above to see the C4 report.

Matt said: “It was fun to make visual and verbal work, instead of illustrating written reports.”

Cartoons don’t appear on news and current affairs programmes as much as they used to, though recently other cartoonists, including PCOers Patrick Blower, Martin Rowson and Andy Davey, have all helped illustrate stories on the box. Hopefully editors are remembering that this oldest of visual mediums can work on TV very well.

by Royston

Cartoon Pick of the Week

December 12, 2008 in Links, News

Bloghorn spotted this great work this week …

One: Nicholas Garland in the Daily Telegraph on Robert Mugabe

Two: Matt Buck (aka Hack) at Channel 4 News on the ailing Pound

Two: Patrick Blower at Livedraw (note: video file) on Brown saving the world

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The Big Draw 2008

September 23, 2008 in General

The National Campaign for Drawing‘s annual event, The Big Draw, is upon us again.

And PCO members will be working at this weekend’s opening events for the month-long festival. Much of this weekend’s activity will be taking place at University College in central London (UCL). There is an enormous range of activity for the opening weekend. You can find details on how to get there here.

PCO member Patrick Blower explains more about Saturday’s digital cartoon masterclass:

The event cartoonists be drawing cartoons on digital tablets and projecting the resulting film of their work onto walls and large screens. We will be running hourly cartoon master classes – on the hour – from 11am. And when the cartoonists aren’t talking, or drawing, we will be encouraging visitors, of all ages, to have a go too. In fact, we will be encouraging visitors to help invent a monster each. These will be turned into an ongoing slide show through the day as the gallery develops.

Simon Gould, UCL’s curator of Drawing on Life, the national launch for The Big Draw added;

We are really looking forward to a jam packed day of all kinds of drawing and are thrilled that cartoonist Patrick Blower, one of UCL’s illustrious alumni, will be taking such a prominent position. His cartooning master classes will definitely be a real highlight for children and adults alike.

There are many hundreds of local events in towns across the country too. There will be one going on near you and you can find it on this page. London will also host another large set-piece event at London’s St Pancras station during mid-October – it’s called Transports of Delight.

There will be further PCO participation in the battle of the cartoonists on Saturday October 18th. We will be writing more about that event in the next few weeks.

The Big Draw

PCO: Great British cartoon talent