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The Round-up

May 11, 2012 in General, Links, News

© Martin Rowson

The Iranian cartoonist Mahmoud Shokraye has been sentenced to 25 lashes after an MP took offence at a caricature. The Guardian has more on the story here, and fellow cartoonists, including members Martin Rowson, above, and Clive Collins, have reacted with pictures of their own.

Bob Mankoff, cartoon editor at The New Yorker, has written a very entertaining blog post looking at the creative process as depicted in cartoons. He also writes about the need for magazine cartoonists to be constant innovators, and the piece is illustrated throughout by choice New Yorker gags. Enjoy it here.

The Pittsbugh Post-Gazette writes about “rage comics”, a growing trend in internet humour whereby amateur cartoonists vent their frustrations in order to make others laugh. Read more here.

Following the sad death of the writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak earlier this week, Forbidden Planet collects several fitting tributes and other comic creators pay their respects.

And finally, Daily Cartoonist looks back 258 years to what is considered the first example of an American editorial cartoon.

by Royston

Cartoonist collects MBE

January 30, 2012 in News

Cartoon by Clive Collins

The cartoonist Clive Collins went to Buckingham Palace last week to pick up his MBE for services to art.

Clive, 70, a PCO member whose cartoons have appeared in magazines and newspapers across the world, including Playboy, above, was appointed MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours last year.

Read more here and here (though inevitably the media focused on Clive’s famous brother, Phil) and click here to see Clive’s PCO portfolio.

by Royston

Foghorn magazine – Issue 51

June 28, 2011 in Comment, News

Foghorn issue 51

Summer is here and our thoughts turn to holidays, so the latest issue of Foghorn, the magazine of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation, looks at the behaviour of the British abroad. The cover is by the PCO’s Robert Duncan. The magazine is available to subscribers for the annual price of £20 for six full colour issues.

What’s inside?

Roger Penwill on on a travel adventure worthy of Samuel Beckett.
Rupert Besley on the holidays of his youth, when anything foreign was the subject of deep mistrust.
Clive Goddard on America, and how it is really rather big.
Clive Collins on the freelancer’s fear of taking time off.
And you’ll find a full page of cartoons by Andrew Birch.

Plus lots more: the Critic, the Foghorn Guide, the Potting Shed … and several straining suitcases packed with funny cartoons about what we did on our holidays.

You can read older issues of Foghorn online here, right up to our most recent issue.

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Clive Collins appointed MBE

June 13, 2011 in Events, News

Bloghorn offers congratulation to PCO member Clive Collins who has been appointed an MBE.


Bloghorn cartoon - Ronnie Barker © Clive Collins

Bloghorn cartoon - Ronnie Barker © Clive Collins

Raise a glass to new cartoon show

November 22, 2010 in General, News

Cartoon by Chris Duggan

An exhibition that is sure to bring some warmth and cheer to the winter opens at the Cartoon Museum in London on Wednesday 24 November.

Ink and the Bottle is billed as “a merry exhibition on the pleasures and perils of the ‘demon drink’ starting with a swig of gin from Hogarth and Cruikshank”. We move on to Gillray, Donald McGill, Heath Robinson and Giles before downing “a heady cocktail of contemporary cartoons”.
Cartoon by Andrew Birch
That includes a generous measure of PCO members, including Steve Bell, Andrew Birch, right, Clive Collins, Neil Dishington, Denis Dowland, Pete Dredge, Roger Penwill, Ken Pyne, Royston Robertson, Bill Stott and Mike Turner.

As if that’s not enough binge cartooning, there’s work by Sally Artz, Ian Baker, Hector Breeze, Dave Brown,
Chris Duggan, top, Grizelda, Andrzej Krauze, Matt, Tim Sanders, Ronald Searle, Gerald Scarfe, Silvey & Jex, Ralph Steadman, and Judy Walker.

If you fancy three more for the road, there are also contributions from the Viz cartoonists Graham Dury, Davey Jones and Simon Thorp, who are no strangers to creating characters that “like a tipple”.

Ink and the Bottle – Drunken Cartoonists and Drink in Cartoons runs until February 13. See the Cartoon Museum website for more details.


The spirit of Christmas

December 28, 2008 in Comment

PCOer Clive Collins writes:

Some years ago I received a letter from the USA, from a lad of 14, who loved cartoons. He said he admired my cartoons (sic) and that he would dearly love to be a cartoonist, but that seemed an impossible dream, so might I oblige him with a small drawing, or signature, so he could compile a book of his heroes. I duly obliged and despatched a small signed self-caricature.

A couple of years later, and another letter arrived, from this same boy – who had remained miraculously 14 – with the same request. I ignored this one, and thought no more about it until, a while later, a package arrived containing 100 sheets of C5 blank paper, and a note stating that as I was obviously too busy, could I please pass round the sheets among my fellow cartoonists for them to do a drawing and/or signature for the book of cartoon heroes.


At this point I contacted cartoonist Mell Lazarus in the USA and asked him if he had ever heard of this boy. I could almost hear the acid laughter floating upon the water between us, when he replied that the ‘boy’ was well-known to American cartoonists, and in fact was a middle-aged lawyer who made quite a living, buying and selling original sketches and signatures at specialist auctions held all over the States. The Americans had given this guy the bum’s rush, and he guessed that now it was our turn. There was a son but he had grown up.

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Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival – The Big Boarders

April 9, 2008 in General

Kipper Williams of The Guardian is one of this year’s PCO Big Boarders at the festival. Above is one of Kipper’s submissions to the “But is it Art?” exhibition, which is already open in the town.

The full list of cartoonist Big Boarders drawing at this year’s festival, over the weekend of Friday 18th and Saturday 19th April, is:

Steve Bright, Clive Collins, Bill Stott, Ross Thomson, Martin Honeysett, Alex Hughes, Pete Dredge, John Roberts, Matt Buck (Hack), Royston Robertson, Mike Turner, Noel Ford, Steve Best (Bestie), Dave Brown, Ian Baker, Chris Burke, Andy Davey, Neil Dishington, Paul Hardman, and Andy McKay (NAF).

PCOer Pete Dredge will be blogging tomorrow about how it feels to do a big board at Shrewsbury.

British cartoon talent

New PCO Foghorn magazine

March 26, 2008 in General

The new issue of the super soaraway Foghorn cartoon magazine, written by and about Britain’s professional cartoonists and joke makers, will soon be available. If you commission artwork in your working life you can get a free copy by clicking the button to your right.

British cartoon talent

Shrewsbury international cartoon festival – and other events

March 10, 2008 in General

“But is it Art?” by PCOer Nathan Ariss – another contribution to Bloghorn’s sneak preview of a major exhibition which opens in less than a month’s time and is part of this year’s Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival.
In other news, PCOer Clive Collins, a previous cartoonist of the month here, alerts us to a one-off event at the Barbican centre in central London where former Punch cartoonist and Oscar winner Bruce Petty is showing his film called Global Haywire. Clive describes Australian Bruce’s work as in the “zany, big explosive cartoons vein”. Sounds good to us. You can find out more about Petty’s film here.

British cartoon talent

Artist of the Month: Clive Collins

December 28, 2007 in Events

Our last installment of Mr Clive Collins as the PCO Artist of the Month for December 2008. Next week, Bloghorn will reveal our first featured professional cartoon image maker for the new year of 2008.
British cartoon talent