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Round-up: What the Bloghorn saw

October 21, 2011 in News

Rob Murray writes:

The BBC reports on the appropriation by protest groups of the Guy Fawkes mask featured in V For Vendetta – designed by David Lloyd for the 1980s comic strip he co-created with Alan Moore, which was turned into a Hollywood film in 2006. You can read the article here, while elsewhere the Forbidden Planet blog has responded to the report with its own interpretation.

Ahead of the imminent release of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s Tintin movie, Scottish newspaper The Daily Record reports that Hergé’s intrepid young reporter owes his success to Scotland – or, more specifically, to his adventure north of the border.

John Ryan, the creator of Captain Pugwash, is the subject of a retrospective exhibition in his hometown of Rye, opening on 19 November. Pugwash is best known as a children’s animated TV show, but in fact debuted in the very first issue of long-running comic The Eagle. has more, as does the Rye Art Gallery.

Finally, The Onion’s A.V. Club has an interview with acclaimed US cartoonist Daniel Clowes, in which he looks back on his work in comics over the last few years and discusses his future projects.

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Bidder-bidder-bidder … Batman!

December 10, 2010 in News

Comic fans have the chance to appear alongside legendary superhero Batman thanks to a fund-raising auction.

This one-off opportunity is part of a sale to support the Comic Book Alliance (previously). It also includes signed comics, books and artwork from the likes of Hunt Emerson, David Lloyd, Bryan Talbot and Alan Moore among many others.

The winner in the Batman bid can choose to be killed by the villain or saved  by Batman in a story illustrated by Chris Burnham and written by Grant Morrison. The story will appear in Batman Inc. number 4, due to be published on 16th February 2011. With bids starting at 99p, the auction will close on the evening of Sunday 12th December.

If, on the other hand, classic Batman is more your thing, there’s a rare opportunity to get your hands on a copy of  Detective Comics number 27 from May 1939, which features the first appearance of the Caped Crusader, in a separate auction in at Dominic Winter Book Auctions in Gloucestershire on 16th December.

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Taking cartoons to the people

August 31, 2010 in News


Cartoon Classroom, the project set up by comics artist David Lloyd, cartoon historian Paul Gravett and teacher Steve Marchant to take cartooning into schools, has seen a rise in the number of teachers and schools registering to use its services, following a letter to The Teacher magazine.

However, they are always keen to take on more educational organisations and more cartoonists who are interested in sharing their skills. You can register your interest at or you can contact them directly here.

On the subject, of taking cartoons from the page directly to audiences, Bloghorn’s own Royston Robertson has written a blog report on a cartooning talk which he presented at an arts festival in Ramsgate.

Interview with David Lloyd – II

January 3, 2010 in General


Following our recent Q&A with him, here are the details of comic artist David Lloyd’s project, Cartoon Classroom. The plan  is  to centralize all information relating to the study of cartoon and comic strip creation in the UK. Historian Paul Gravett and teacher Steve Marchant (author of The Cartoonists’ Workshop) are also founder members of the non-for-profit service.

The website is live at and the trio are currently looking for cartoonists who teach or who would be interested in sharing their skills to register interest there. Alternatively, you can contact them direct here.

Steve Marchant

Interview with David Lloyd – I

December 29, 2009 in General

DavidLloyd Bloghorn is very pleased to be able to publish an interview with David Lloyd, artist of V for Vendetta and co-founder of Cartoon Classroom, a free resource to connect artists and people who would like to learn how to draw.

How do you think the Cartoon Classroom and its list of expert teachers in drawing can help young people who do think in images?

Well, we’re not just for young people and we don’t specify anywhere on the site that we are. Anyone can make use of cartoon workshops or teaching in that area of art if they want to, and they already have in the past. Are water-colour weekends just for young people? There’s a tendency to think ‘ cartoons? ah, young people ‘ .  This is a  misperception from a Disney/comics train of thought, I guess. The work I helped with at The London Cartoon Centre in the 80’s and 90’s was just for young people, because it was specifically meant to help the young unemployed.

So, the classroom is a non-profit learning resource for everybody?

Cartoon Classroom is intended to be a resource that anyone can dip into for exactly what they want by having as many institutions and artists as possible register with it. We must get that spread of involvement in the site, otherwise it will fail in its task.

David, personally, what does drawing mean to you?

A pleasure and a pain. I love being able to draw and create but it often hurts because I’m striving for the best and can’t always get there.

Why do you think you feel that way about it?

Because I’m cursed with ambition.

Many creative people seem to spend a lot of energy trying to define why they do what they do. Do you? Did you?

Never had the choice. This was all I could turn into a living when I left school. But I have answered a similar question in interviews by saying I loved to draw and loved to write stories, and loved movies and tv, so it was natural I worked in strip art because I could do the things I’m naturally good at and enjoy making things that are like movies and tv at the same time.

V for Vendetta and David Lloyd image

Bloghorn will be publishing some more details about Cartoon Classroom over the new year.

Bloghorn interview with David Lloyd

October 8, 2009 in Comment

V for Vendetta and David Lloyd image

Coming soon.

Back to school with Cartoon Classroom

September 23, 2009 in General


Comic artist David Lloyd (of V for Vendetta fame), cartoon historian Paul Gravett and teacher Steve Marchant (author of The Cartoonists’ Workshop) have created They plan to to centralize all information relating to the study of cartoon and comic strip creation in the UK.

The website launches officially in early October and the trio are currently looking for cartoonists who teach or who would be interested in sharing their skills to register interest at Alternatively, you can contact them direct here.

Steve Marchant