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Match report: Warbury Warriors back at Wapping

January 10, 2013 in General, News

Striker magazine @

Striker magazine @

It’s a double for Pete Nash in a return to The Sun with his cartoon Striker.

© Pete Nash_Striker_cartoon_@Procartoonists

© Pete Nash

The 20-year run of Warbury Warriors football stories in the paper was broken in 2009 after a contract bust-up. The artist then took his star player Nick Jarvis and the team for a spell on loan at Nuts.

In his first spell at The Sun, Nash grew the stories from modest beginnings into one of the most popular features in the paper. As the printed output grew he developed a team of computer graphics artists to create the daily narratives.

There was also an attempt to launch a standalone magazine, above, between 2003-2005. You can read more about Striker’s business relationship with the paper here.

In the new storyline for the return to the paper reports have it that “his [Jarvis’s] beloved club have been given three weeks to pay a £9million tax bill or face winding-up proceedings”.

Will Warbury survive?


Rumble Fog

June 28, 2012 in Comment, General

As the 2012 European football championships come towards their end…

Foghorn @ - June 30 2012

Foghorn @ © Andy Davey

Score draw

August 10, 2010 in General, News

The legal battles over control of image rights and licensing may have benefit for those who can draw.

England’s Plymouth Herald newspaper found it could not use the work of its press photographer at local club Plymouth Argyle’s away match at Southampton FC. This is because of licensing restrictions imposed on non-home club image makers at the Southampton ground, St Mary’s.

Instead the Plymouth paper found it could illustrate the game with drawing.

Bloghorn offers a sharp intake of breath, an OOOH! and applause for the SAVE! Let’s see some more use of drawing for news reportage. The creative talent is about to do it.

by Royston

Cartoonist's football song gets animated

June 14, 2010 in News

Cartoon by Patrick Blower
A football song created by the cartoonist Mike Barfield has been used as the soundtrack to a World Cup animation by another cartoonist, Patrick Blower.

As everyone seems to be releasing Eng-er-land football songs these days, it’s probably no surprise that there’s one by a cartoonist. But while most are all about flag-waving optimism, the song by Mike Barfield, who draws the strip Apparently in Private Eye, is a little more down to earth.

Called Don’t Set Your Sights Too High, Mike’s ukulele ditty, recorded on a home computer, made it into the final of a World Cup song contest on Radio 5 Live last week. Mike described the song as “an antidote to all the bombastic, triumphalistic swagger of pretty much every World Cup England song you’ve ever heard”.

Mike insists the song is realistic, rather than pessimistic – and bearing in mind the England team’s performance on Saturday, he may have a point – but in the end blind faith won and the song came second to one called, ahem, We Are The Rulers.

Now Mike’s song has been set to animation by Patrick Blower, a member of the PCO which runs the Bloghorn, and creator of the new Private Eye strip iBores. That’s a screen shot above, and you can see the full animation – and hear the song – here.

It’s part of Patrick’s Livedraw series which is featured on the Guardian’s Comment is Free website. The video seems to have attracted quite a few vitriolic comments (is there any other type on the internet?) though in fairness to the cartoonists concerned, that’s more to do with the Guardian’s decision to use the headline “Celebrating the British way”, rather than English. Still, it’s one way to get a debate going.

by Royston

Cartooning on television

September 26, 2008 in General

PCOer Will “Wilbur” Dawbarn is to appear on football show Off The Bar on Sky Sports 3 tonight, as an on-the-spot cartoonist.

Newton’s sportier brother: a Private Eye cartoon by Wilbur

Talking about yesterday’s recording of the show, Will told the Bloghorn: “It was a really fun afternoon, I loved it. I got a bit of abuse from the host for being a Liverpool fan, but I managed to put my topical knowledge of Stoke City’s lethal throw-in secret weapon to some use on the show.

“My knowledge of the game wasn’t put to too taxing a test, most of the chat was left to the pundits. It was a tricky gig – I only had about 20 minutes to think up and draw gags about what they were saying, so I had to listen, brainstorm, and draw, all at the same time. Quite a challenge, but one I’m glad I took up.

“I’m certainly not the new Bill Tidy, but the cartoons I produced went down quite well and I got away without completely humiliating myself.”

Bloghorn says: the boy done good. Off The Bar is on Sky Sports 3 tonight at 9pm, with repeats at various times.

The PCO: As seen on TV

Cartoon football for Euro 08

June 7, 2008 in General

The BBC has embraced the talent of Aardman animation, makers of Wallace and Gromit among many others, to make the titles for their coverage of the European football championships, which are starting this weeeknd. If you watch the video from the Beeb here, you’ll see what a key role traditional drawing and cartoon skills can play in making the moving image. Strangely enough, no one seems to have felt the need to draw former England manager Steve McLaren.
More than qualified British cartoon talent