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Round-up: What the Bloghorn saw

November 11, 2011 in Links, News

The Washington Post profiles two US cartoonists – the right-leaning Nate Beeler and the left-leaning Susie Cagle – and looks at how they are engaging with the anti-capitalist protests in their cities. Click here for the full article.

Long-time Viz contributer Alex Collier is working on a series of Olympics-themed educational cartoons for children, according to the Sunderland Echo.

Nuts, the cult comic strip by New Yorker, National Lampoon and Playboy cartoonist Gahan Wilson, has been collected in book form by Fantagraphics. Publishers Weekly examines the strip and its creator here.

Bil Keane, the creator of syndicated comic strip The Family Circus, has died aged 89. looks at his life and work here.

by Royston

Cartoon documentary: Born Dead, Still Weird

February 27, 2008 in General

A new documentary entitled Gahan Wilson: Born Dead, Still Weird, has to be high on the list of must-see films for anyone interested in cartoons.

Steven-Charles Jaffe’s portrait of the famed New Yorker and Playboy cartoonist is currently on the festival circuit in the US. It features interviews with fans including Neil Gaiman, Stan Lee, Randy Newman, Guillermo del Toro and Hugh Hefner and includes an exclusive behind the scenes look at how cartoons for The New Yorker are pitched, bought, or rejected.

There’s no word yet on whether the film is coming to the UK, and there doesn’t even seem to be a trailer online. There is, however, a clip of Wilson designing a “dark and twisted” image used to decorate a skateboard …

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