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by Royston

Duchamp in Herne Bay: the Movie

June 3, 2014 in Events, General, News

The organisers of last year’s Marcel Duchamp in Herne Bay Festival, which many Procartoonists members took part in, have released a rather nice video of the event, above. It was put together by David Good.

The festival is one of the nominees in the East Kent People’s Awards. You can vote for it here.

Those with short-attention spans note: the cartooning action starts at 8mins in, but the whole thing is worth a watch — a reminder of a marvellous event as well as last year’s terrific summer!

Cartoonists make mark on Herne Bay

August 6, 2013 in Events, General, News

Kipper Williams and Martin Honeysett

Kipper Williams and Martin Honeysett

They came, they drew, and they even made the odd Marcel Duchamp-style “art statement” …

Glenn Marshall

Glenn Marshall plays the thinker

We hope you enjoy this small selection of photos from the Live Cartoonists in the Bandstand event, which was part of the Duchamp in Herne Bay festival that kicked off at the weekend.

Nathan Ariss, chairleg of, said: “Herne Bay hasn’t seen anything like it. Just like our ‘stand-up’ relations, over 20 of the nation’s best ‘sit-down’ comedians set about wowing the expectant crowds, in an spectacular tour de force of gags, graffitti, political statement, absurdist fantasy and rampant public engagement. We really couldn’t have achieved a thing without the superb collective spirit and enthusiasm shown. Bravo!”

A nod to Banksy. Some "vandalism" by Banx

A nod to Banksy. Some "vandalism" by Banx

Of course, the beautiful weather was as much of a draw as the cartoons!

Of course, the beautiful weather was as much of a draw as the cartoons!

The heat was no reason to lower sartorial standards for the dapper Andrew Birch

The heat was no reason to lower sartorial standards for the dapper Andrew Birch


Surrealist caricatures

Duchamp and satire by Dave Brown

Duchamp and satire by Dave Brown

The kids fill the big canvas

The kids fill the big canvas

One for the album: It's Ralph Steadman

One for the album: It's Ralph Steadman


Collaborative cartooning

The public are happy so it must be time for a drink ...

The public are happy so it must be time for a drink ...

Actually there was more than mineral water on offer as the day ended with the official opening of exhibitions of cartoons in the lavatories, Gents and Ladies, of various Shepherd Neame pubs. The openings — yes, with a ribbon, big scissors and everything — were accompanied by much refreshment until noses were red, cartoon-style.

Or was that the sunburn?

Thanks to Kasia Kowalska for taking the photos. Others courtesy of Carole Manley, Glenn Marshall, Jeremy Banx.

You can find the artists who contributed to this year’s event in our portfolios.

Event: We are not dead, we are in Herne Bay

August 2, 2013 in Events, General, News


Marcel Duchamp artist and cartoonist @

Whether or not you believe in art or artists, the man who coined the quote is responsible for this weekend’s cartoon activities at what is sure to be a sunny Herne Bay in Kent.

Pack your fur coat and don’t forget to pick up a copy of the Duchamp event programme or enjoy this homage to one of his more famous works — Fountain.

Homage to Marcel Duchamp's Fountain @

Cartoonists attendees, both ladies and gentlemen, the latter with zips suitably adjusted will be appearing on Saturday.

Thanks are passed to Ralph Steadman, who donated the pissoir, above, and Hunt Emerson who made the poster below. © Hunt Emerson

© Hunt Emerson @

There are opportunities to purchase cartoon originals  throughout the day and to follow the pub philosophy cartoon trail through the pubs of the town courtesy of event sponsors Shepherd Neame.

And don’t forget the competition to win a Steadman print in which you can compete if you use Twitter. All you have to do is Tweet using the hashtag #DuchampHB.

Ralph Steadman competition at Duchamp Herne Bay @

Ralph Steadman competition at Duchamp Herne Bay @

Duchamp in Herne Bay

July 4, 2013 in Events, General, News © Hunt Emerson

© Hunt Emerson @

We are pleased to be able to share more details of the Duchampions cartoon event with the help of the fantastic event poster made by Hunt Emerson.

It gives a great idea of some of the events we have highlighted that will be taking place in Herne Bay, Kent, on Saturday 3 August

Cartoonists attending or submitting artwork for the Duchamp and Modern Art “Cartoons in Pubs” are:

Andrew Birch, Andy Davey, Bill Stott, Cathy Simpson, Chris Burke, Chris Madden, Hunt Emerson, Ian Baker, Steve Jones, Martin Honeysett, Mike Turner, Noel Ford, Pete Dredge, Royston Robertson, Rupert Besley, The Surreal McCoy, Steve Bell, Tim HarriesAlex Matthews, Colin Whittock, Dave Brown, Gary Northfield, Grizelda Grizlingham, Jeremy Banks, Jonathan Cusick, Kipper Williams, Matt Buck, Matt Pritchett, Nathan Ariss, Richard “RGJ” Jolley, Rob Murray, Roger Penwill, Simon Pearsall, Steve Way, Tim Sanders, Tony Husband, and Wilbur Dawbarn.

We will be publishing further details ahead of the event.

Announcing Duchampions

May 29, 2013 in Events, News

DadaDuchamp_Festival_poster_@_Procartoonists. Poster artwork © Ralph Steadman

DadaDuchamp Poster artwork © Ralph Steadman

We are pleased to announce that Procartoonists will be working at the first Duchamp in Herne Bay this summer. The event celebrates the anniversary of a famous association between Marcel Duchamp – father of the conceptual art movement – and the great British seaside at Herne Bay in Kent. It should be a giant cone plus double flake and chocolate sprinkles sort of experience.


Marcel Duchamp's version of the Mona Lisa @

Watch the spaces at these links for the forthcoming details or read this story from the local media.

The poster artwork above was made by Ralph Steadman, member and lately a man of Kent.

The festive cartoonist

August 23, 2010 in News

On Mondays you can rely upon Royston Robertson to be posting news of the UK’s cartoonists here at Bloghorn – but not this week.

Bloghorn Royston Robertson cartoon on loyalty of cat and dog © Royston Robertson cartoons

After a long struggle, Bloghorn convinced Royston he should allow himself the week off because the Kent-based cartoonist will be giving an illustrated talk about his work at A Summer Squall in Ramsgate on Saturday 28th August.

Royston told us:

The idea is that I’ll show a load of cartoons – mostly published but maybe a few rejected ones as well – read the captions and talk a little about themes covered, the background to the cartoons, the process of coming up with ideas and drawing the cartoons etc. Hopefully it’ll raise a few chuckles and there will be questions and input from the audience.

So, kindly add yourself to the great August bank holiday weekend getaway for a high-quality end to the silly season.

The talk takes place at 2pm at Ramsgate Library on Saturday 28 August. Admission is free but you need to book. Tickets are available at the Custom House, Harbour Parade, Ramsgate, or by calling 07544-971 685.