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by Royston

How cartoons help us cope

March 8, 2010 in Comment

Libby Purves, patron of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation, which runs the Bloghorn, writes in the Times today about how cartoons help us confront the dark side of human nature:

Cartoon grotesques let us face the real horrors

Above: Libby chats to the Guardian’s Steve Bell, creator of more than his fair share of cartoon grotesques, at last year’s Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival. Photograph © Gerard Whyman

by Royston

Praise for British cartoons

April 27, 2009 in General

A Telegraph reader praises British cartooning in response to last week’s article by PCO patron Libby Purves.

Bloghorn endorses and approves any comments about how marvellous British cartoonists are, though we would not agree with the Telegraph reader’s view on cartoons in “continental newspapers”, having just returned from the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival.

An acclaimed exhibition by Czech cartoonist Miroslav Bartak can be seen at the Theatre Severn’s Chapel Bar in Shrewsbury until June 6. More details here.

PCO member Gerard Whyman has posted a selection of photographs taken at Shrewsbury on his Facebook page. Facebook members can view them here.

Shrewsbury is seasonal best for cartoons

April 19, 2009 in General

Libby Purves - friend of cartoonists © John Roberts

Libby Purves - friend of cartoonists © John Roberts for Bloghorn

Libby Purves talks cartoons and the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival in The Telegraph. The annual event which opens this Thursday, 23rd April 2009.

by Royston

Bloghorn patron raises laughs and money

March 16, 2009 in Comment

PCO patron Libby Purves raised lots of laughs on Radio 4’s Stand-up With the Stars, as well as raising money for charity.

But sadly she was not the winner – that honour went to fellow Radio 4 presenter Peter White. Listeners decided the winner by a telephone vote. Proceeds from the vote raised money for Comic Relief.

You can read more about the programme and watch videos of the performances on the programme’s website.

Who’s going to Shrewsbury 2009

March 11, 2009 in Events

With a little over six weeks to go until the start of the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival, the full list of cartoonists in attendance has been revealed.

British cartoonists taking part this year will include Neil Dishington, Noel Ford, Pete Dredge, Andy Davey, Bill Stott, Martin Honeysett, Steve Bright, Steve Best, Tim Harries, John Roberts, Roger Penwill, Dave Brown, Kipper Williams, Nathan Ariss, Clive Goddard, Will Dawbarn, Andy McKay, John Landers, Janis Goodman, Jacky Fleming, Carol Isaacs, Hunt Emerson, Chichi Parish, Angela Martin, Jed Pascoe, Simon Ellinas, Chris Ryder, Helen Pointer, Terry Christien, Steve Bell, Kate Charlesworth and Gerard Whyman, who will be joined by Festival (and PCO) Patron Libby Purves. From Europe, Miroslav Bartak (Czech Republic), Heinz Pfister (Switzerland) and Michael Kountouris (Greece) will also be joining in the fun.

Royston Robertson, Alex Hughes and Matt Buck will be reporting the events for Bloghorn. Information on getting to and staying in Shrewsbury can be found here.

Update: It turns out we’ve missed Cathy Simpson from the list of attending cartoonists. Apologies, Cathy!

Bloghorn patron stands up

March 8, 2009 in Comment

PCO patron Libby Purves made her attempt for competitive stand up comedy glory on BBC Radio 4 and you can watch a clip of her in action here.

Why bother with cartoons? Ask an expert

April 17, 2008 in General

Cartoonists always go cheerfully and happily straight to the heart of the issue, or the trend, or the argument: they are wise, because they have seen the truth about life, which is that at the heart of everything there lies a joke.”

Libby Purves, columnist, broadcaster and patron of the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival.

British cartoon talent

Shrewsbury Festival events – the art of reverse caricature

April 6, 2008 in General

Caricature is the art of exaggerating the features of the face while retaining the identity of the person being drawn. Reverse caricaturing is the art of giving someone the body they may, or may not, desire. Here, one of the PCO’s patrons, Libby Purves, gets reinvented as a bunny girl.
British cartoon talent

BBC man Andrew Marr is new PCO patron

December 18, 2007 in General

News of an early christmas present for the PCO as Bloghorn can report that TV’s Andrew Marr has signed up as one of our patrons. We don’t hand these honours out lightly and as he’s got to follow the late great Alan Coren, perhaps we should be extending sympathy to the poor man too. But, welcome aboard Mr Marr, we and our other patron, Libby Purves, are most pleased to have you.
19th December 2007
British cartoon talent