Taking a trip to Grubbe street

BLOGHORN scrivener Mr Matthew BUCK is far too retiring to promote his new endeavour via this organ, lest he appear like Mr Jonathan WOSS endlessly plugging his good lady wife’s new MOTION PICTURE. Hence, ’tis left to another to tell you about The Opinions of Tobias GRUBBE, by Mr Buck and one Mr Michael CROSS, […]

Caption competition with a difference

An informal cartoon caption competition, which began as a one-off on the Cartoonists’ Club public forum in the summer, is now into its 20th week. Matt Buck spoke to Noel Ford, moderator of the forum along with Nigel Sutherland and Ian Ellery, and asked how this is different to any other caption contest. The competition […]

The future of the newspaper editorial cartoon

Former editor of The Guardian, Peter Preston has written a piece in The Observer newspaper bemoaning the decline in numbers of editorial or political cartoonists being used in newspapers. You can read it here. Preston focuses on recent job losses in the United States, which mirror the speedy decline of the print media there, but […]

The bigger picture and the cartoonists

Following some recent evidence for the power of a very traditional visual art, PCOer Patrick Blower writes with details of his recent adventures with BBC News: The news at ten called me up, knowing that a cartoon was the perfect medium to explain quantitative easing – the driest and most arcane of subjects. I knocked […]

Cartoonist draws funny money for C4

It seems the government is set on printing more money to get us out of the current economic crisis, so journalists and cartoonists everywhere are having to learn how to spell quantitative easing. But when you need funny money in a hurry, who better to call on than a cartoonist? That’s what Channel 4 News […]

Cartoon exhibition: Browned Off!

The Political Cartoon Gallery’s Tory Blues exhibition has now closed so, in the interests of balance, attention is turned to the Labour Party. Browned Off! A cartoon exhibition on the first 18 months of Gordon Brown as Prime Minister, opens at the gallery on Wednesday (January 21) and runs until March 14. The show will […]

Cartoon Pick of the Week

Bloghorn spotted this great work this week … One: Nicholas Garland in the Daily Telegraph on Robert Mugabe Two: Matt Buck (aka Hack) at Channel 4 News on the ailing Pound Two: Patrick Blower at Livedraw (note: video file) on Brown saving the world The PCO: Great British cartoon talent Subscribe to The Foghorn – […]

Victory for Obama: The cartoonists' view

The time difference between the UK and the USA meant that newspapers here were unable to report the victory of Barack Obama the day after the election. So British cartoonists had another day to gather their thoughts, and we saw the results yesterday. Two cartoonists noted a certain messianic quality in the President Elect. Peter […]