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Cartooning on the Frontline

February 4, 2011 in News

Photograph: Antje Bormann

PCO member Martin Rowson delivered a talk on Caricatures and Commentary to the Frontline Club in London this week.

In discussion with Radio 4’s Laurie Taylor Martin spoke about subjects ranging from his caricatures of patrons at the Gay Hussar restaurant to the abolition of the Licensing Act in 1695 and taking in influences from William Hogarth, James Gillray and David Low on the way.

This was followed by a lively question and answer session where he fielded enquiries about how he deals with new political figures and the Danish Muhammed cartoons.

The talk can be seen in full (all one and a half hours of it) at the Frontline Club’s website.

The Danish cartoon controversy

February 12, 2008 in General

Developments as reported by The Times
More from the BBC on republication of some of the images. Morten Morland has some more interesting context to the saga here too.

Images of Mohammed
and the consequences of publishing them for the collaborative encyclopedia, Wikipedia

British cartoon talent

PCO Procartoonists – The power of images

September 16, 2007 in General

A nasty story about the power of drawn imagery. The power to make such things, also brings responsibility in being able to justify what you create. The link, is as reported by the BBC.

UPDATED: 18th September
A response to this story from the USA,
linked here.

And coverage of the aftermath of the event from Sweden