The Round-up

Liza Donnelly, cartoonist for The New Yorker, shares with the transcript of a recent speech in which she looks at how cartoonists can use humour as a force for peace. Huw Aaron, a member of, shares some strips from his ongoing North Stand series and asks, ‘Who’d be a rugby fan?’ Patrick Blower, whose editorial cartoons […]

Cartoonist's football song gets animated

A football song created by the cartoonist Mike Barfield has been used as the soundtrack to a World Cup animation by another cartoonist, Patrick Blower. As everyone seems to be releasing Eng-er-land football songs these days, it’s probably no surprise that there’s one by a cartoonist. But while most are all about flag-waving optimism, the […]

Cartoon Pick of the Week

Bloghorn spotted this great work during this week ending the 3rd April 2009. One: Adam Singleton in The Spectator on another exclusive for Jade Goody. Two: Viz comic contributes to the bankers bonuses debate in Sir Fred Goodwin the Fat Cat (web preview). Three: Something a little different: Patrick Blower in the Guardian draws some […]

The bigger picture and the cartoonists

Following some recent evidence for the power of a very traditional visual art, PCOer Patrick Blower writes with details of his recent adventures with BBC News: The news at ten called me up, knowing that a cartoon was the perfect medium to explain quantitative easing – the driest and most arcane of subjects. I knocked […]

Cartoon Pick of the Week

Bloghorn spotted this great work this week … One: Nicholas Garland in the Daily Telegraph on Robert Mugabe Two: Matt Buck (aka Hack) at Channel 4 News on the ailing Pound Two: Patrick Blower at Livedraw (note: video file) on Brown saving the world The PCO: Great British cartoon talent Subscribe to The Foghorn – […]

Victory for Obama: The cartoonists' view

The time difference between the UK and the USA meant that newspapers here were unable to report the victory of Barack Obama the day after the election. So British cartoonists had another day to gather their thoughts, and we saw the results yesterday. Two cartoonists noted a certain messianic quality in the President Elect. Peter […]

Cartoon Pick of the Week

Bloghorn spotted this great work this week … One: Patrick Blower for LiveDraw on Sir Ian Blair’s resignation (note: Flash file) Two: Paul Wood in the Spectator on preparations for the 2012 Olympics Three: Christian Adams in the Telegraph on Mandelson’s return Week ending 10th October 2008 The PCO: British cartoon talent From the PCO […]