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BBC man Andrew Marr is new PCO patron

December 18, 2007 in General

News of an early christmas present for the PCO as Bloghorn can report that TV’s Andrew Marr has signed up as one of our patrons. We don’t hand these honours out lightly and as he’s got to follow the late great Alan Coren, perhaps we should be extending sympathy to the poor man too. But, welcome aboard Mr Marr, we and our other patron, Libby Purves, are most pleased to have you.
19th December 2007
British cartoon talent

Alan Coren cartoon caricature: 22 Oct 2007

October 22, 2007 in General

Alan Coren was one of the PCO’s patrons. Caricature by John Roberts.
British cartoon talent

Alan Coren is dead: 19 October 2007

October 19, 2007 in General

All hands in PCO were stunned to learn of Alan Coren’s passing. We’ve looked in our cliche box, found lots he would have taken the proverbial out of, but absolutely nothing which comes close to marking our regard for him. The understatement department has been ransacked, too, unsuccessfully, save one. There won’t be another big time editor, humourist, and consistently funny bloke quite like him. Hats off. We’ll miss him.

The BBC tribute is posted here – and includes a link to an audio file, which features Wally Fawkes (TROG) talking about Alan’s decade as editor at Punch.

From the Times

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