PCO Procartoonists – Graphic humour and photomontage

Here is the last part of our trilogy of pieces about variety in graphic humour. It is written by Neil Hepburn aka Beau Bo D’Or. You can read parts one and two if you click on the photomontage ‘tag’ in that long list on the right hand side of Bloghorn. There’s also a good response […]

PCO Procartoonists – Graphic humour and photomontage – a response

PCOer Bill Stott writes in response to our recent guest blogger Neil Hepburn. Matt Buck who edits Bloghorn agrees with very nearly all of it. In cartooning, whether you use a steel nib and blackberry juice on vellum, or a wall full of Apple Macs, the main thing is to be graphically funny and have […]

PCO Procartoonists – Graphic humour and photomontage

Neil Hepburn aka Beau Bo D’Or continues his explanation of the art of digital image making. I didn’t set out to do what I’m doing now. After many years doing a desk job where the most creative thing I did was my expenses, things went tits up for me and, while unemployed and waiting for […]

PCO Procartoonists – Graphic humour and photomontage

Following on from the start of our adventures into the broadest definitions of graphic humour, Bloghorn has asked Neil Hepburn, or Beau Bo D’or, one of the best exponents of photoshop jokes in the country to write for us and very kindly, he has agreed. This is the first of a number of pieces we […]

PCOProcartoonists on graphic humour

Well, this wasn’t the graphic humour controversy BLOGHORN was planning to publish, but this set of jokes, below, was so good, we thought we thought we had better go with it anyway. The creator is called Cyriak Harris. 8th November 2007British cartoon talent From the PCO (Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation)

PCO Procartoonists – on photomontage

There’s a thoughtful piece on the art of photoshop and photomontage here. It’s written by Morten Morland who draws for the Times, and it’s worth a read. Speaking about photomontage, or photoshop, artists, Morland says; Traditional cartoonists look at their work with a mix of fascination, trepidation and bewilderment. What many don’t know, however, is […]