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Leveson and more cartoonists

December 3, 2012 in Comment, General, News

The post Leveson debate rumbles on, with much talk of regulation, self-regulation and the slighty painful sounding statutory underpinning. So, following on from our earlier round-up of Leveson cartoons, we present further takes on the media story of the year, starting with Morten Morland in The Times.

© Morten Morland. The Times @

© Morten Morland. The Times @

Steve Bright in The Sun has a typically colourful take on the topic of crusading celebrities, in which the cartoonist makes a cameo appearance.

© Steve Bright. The Sun @

© Steve Bright. The Sun @

Matt of the Daily Telegraph has a festive take on Leveson.

© Matt Pritchett. The Daily Telegraph @

© Matt Pritchett. The Daily Telegraph @

Gary Barker in Tribune looks at the fall-out for the key protagonists.

© Gary Barker. Tribune @

© Gary Barker. Tribune @

Martin Rowson in The Guardian suspects that Rupert Murdoch thinks the Leveson report is good for only one thing.

© Martin Rowson. The Guardian @

© Martin Rowson. The Guardian @

Banx in the Financial Times on the notion of, ahem, self-regulation.

© Jeremy Banx. Financial Times @

© Jeremy Banx. Financial Times @

Mac of the Mail imagines a post-regulation media.

© Stan McMurtry. Daily Mail @

© Stan McMurtry. Daily Mail @

Tim Sanders at Socialist Worker Online wonders who is really in charge.

© Tim Sanders. Socialist Worker Online @

© Tim Sanders. Socialist Worker Online @

And, just for the LOLs, and as text-messaging turns 20, an older Leveson cartoon from Alex Hughes.

© Alex Hughes. Tribune @

© Alex Hughes. Tribune @

Leveson and the cartoonists

November 30, 2012 in Comment, General, News

Cartooning has long been associated with the print industry* so it is only natural that the artists have been interested in the Leveson Inquiry report into the Culture, Media and Ethics of the Press. It was delivered yesterday, as Dave Brown of The Independent notes.

© Dave Brown - Independent Leveson cartoon @procartoonists

© Dave Brown. The Independent @

Bob Moran in The Daily Telegraph imagines Lord Justice Leveson receiving his morning paper.

© Bob Moran  - Telegraph @

© Bob Moran. The Daily Telegraph @

Mr Murdoch is a recurring motif in this drawing made by Steve Bell in The Guardian.

© Steve-Bell - Guardian @ procartoonists.jpg

© Steve Bell. The Guardian @

Peter Brookes in The Times takes a tangential look at the weaknesses in the job Lord Justice Leveson was asked to do by the Prime Minister, or, in political speak the missing bits of the terms of reference.

© Peter Brookes - Times @

© Peter Brookes. The Times @

And why was he asked to make this report? It was something about the power of black and white, thinks Matthew Buck in Tribune.


© Matthew Buck. Tribune @

The coalition Government is already falling out about what the report has recommended, as captured by Andy Davey in The Sun.


© Andy Davey. The Sun @

Clearly, it is time for a drink, courtesy of Jonathan Pugh.

© Pugh - Daily Mail @

© Pugh. Daily Mail @

Mike Turner makes a (long term) prediction.

© Mike Turner on Leveson inquiry @

© Mike Turner @

The rows resulting from the Leveson report are unlikely to be over by this Christmas, or next.

© Royston_Readers'_Digest @

© Royston Robertson. Reader's Digest 2011 @

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* It’s about more than just paper nowadays.