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by Royston

The doodle bug

June 12, 2012 in General, Links

Doodlejunk image
© Doodlejunk/October Jones

Cartoons and doodles placed in the real world feature among many other very inventive, and funny, images on a Tumblr blog called Doodlejunk.

This was brought to our attention by member Stevyn Colgan who has highlighted Doodlejunk and other web cartoonists in a post called Cartoonists you should all know on his Colganology blog.

The Round-up

May 6, 2012 in General

If you are a fan of funding crowd-sourced books we commend the following projects from two members: Stevyn Colgan‘s Connectoscope and the caricaturist Adrian Teal, who is still raising funds for his Gin Lane Gazette. You can contribute to funding these projects at the Unbound site.

Terry Mosher, a Canadian political cartoonist best known by his pen name of Aislin, has been inducted into the country’s Cartoonist Hall of Fame this weekend. In an interview with the Daily Brew blog, he discusses his work and explains that conservatives are easier to satirise than liberals because “the fatter the cat, the more fun you have”. Read the Q&A here.

Daniel Clowes, the creator of Ghost World and Eightball, is the subject of a new gallery exhibition in his hometown of Oakland, California. If you can’t make it over there, read this instead.

With Garfield making the move into full-length comic books, the cartoon cat’s creator, Jim Davis, speaks to Comic Book Resources about adapting his character to different formats – and about what the decline of newspapers and rise of the internet can mean for up-and-coming cartoonists. Read more here.

Quite Interesting Cartoonists

August 25, 2010 in News

PCO member Stevyn Colgan writes:

This year, members of the PCO have once again contributed to the BBC TV series QI and its spin-off book titles. It’s a relationship that has existed ever since the first QI Annual was published in 2008.

The TV show – in which each season follows a letter of the alphabet – was already in its fifth ‘E’ season when it was decided that some sort of annual was in order. True to form, QI inventor John Lloyd (also the man who created The News Quiz, The News Huddlines, Not the Nine O’Clock News, Spitting Image, produced all four series of Blackadder, and co-wrote two episodes of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy with his friend Douglas Adams) sought out the funniest contributors he could find, roping in the likes of Rowan Atkinson, Bill Bailey, Jo Brand, Alan Davies and, of course, Stephen Fry. He also needed illustrations and lots of them. And that’s where the relationship with members of the PCO started.

The annuals have featured work by Jonathan Cusick (cover of the ‘G’ Annual), Adrian Teal (who also painted the cover of the ‘F’ annual), and Stevyn Colgan. This Christmas, the brand new ‘H’ Annual will feature more submissions from Adrian and Stevyn. Also, the first three E, F and G Annuals are being bundled into a softback compilation edition in November with a brand new cover by Stevyn. And, for the first time, artwork by Adrian and Stevyn will be seen on the TV show itself gracing the big screens behind the panellists in the episode on ‘Horses’ and ‘Humans’.

The EFG Bumper Book of QI Annuals and the QI ‘H’ Annual are both published by Faber and Faber on November 4th.