Opinion: Cartoonists and a new world

The internet is a perfect medium for cartoons. Images can look much more striking on a backlit screen than they ever did in muddy print. So the news that The Sun was dropping Andy Davey’s weekday editorial cartoon slot just as it finally attempted a serious transition to digital first publication is ironic. I am […]

Cartoon Pick of the Week: Redacted

MPs are back in the news again with the release of their heavily blacked-out expense reports, so Bloghorn has a special round-up of the best of the redacted, censored and otherwise obscured cartoons for the week ending the 19th June 2009. One: Matt in the Daily Telegraph gives us a historical perspective on the story. […]

Cartoon Pick of the Week

Bloghorn spotted this great work during this week ending the 5th June 2009. One: Matt from the Daily Telegraph on Gordon in isolation. Two: Mick Stevens in the New Yorker on modern publishing. Three: and finally, Mac in the Daily Mail on picking the new cabinet– “Mrs Perkins. How would you like to be Home […]

Illingworth exhibition opens

The exhibition celebrating the life and work of the Daily Mail cartoonist Leslie Illingworth was opened on Tuesday evening at the Political Cartoon Gallery in London by celebrated cartoonist and artist Ralph Steadman. Leslie Gilbert Illingworth (1902 – 1979) was perhaps one of the last great practitioners of penmanship to take up political cartooning. This […]

Cartoon Pick of the Week

Bloghorn spotted this great work during this week ending the 22nd May 2009. One: Christian Adams in The Daily Telegraph on defences over MPs expenses Two: Mac (Stan McMurtry) in The Daily Mail: “Bad news, Joanna Lumley has called a snap election.” Three: and Tim Sanders in The Independent on bureaucracy. The PCO: Great British […]

Cartoon Pick of the Week

Bloghorn spotted this great work during this week ending the 10th April 2009. One: Mac in the Daily Mail: “Yes, I’ve resigned. But how the hell did you know?” Two: Paul Noth in The New Yorker with an Easter cartoon. Three: Martin Honeysett in the PCO magazine The Foghorn on animal testing. For more on […]

Making fat jokes about politicians

Christian Adams at the Telegraph writes on the challenges of drawing the prime minister and the newspaper’s leader column offers another thought in response. Other papers picked up Christian’s story with Dave Brown of The Independent chipping in here and Martin Rowson popping up on BBC Breakfast.

Bloghorn’s cartoon pick of the week

Bloghorn spotted this great work this week. Quite a lot of it appeared to be bashing the Prime Minister … One: Dave Brown in the Independent on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN Two: Noel Ford in the Church Times on Fairtrade clergymen Three: Mac (Stan McMurtry) in the Daily Mail on life’s little problems. […]