The Round-up looks back at the 60-year history of MAD, the subversive comic magazine, in this in-depth article and slideshow. For even more on the subject, MAD’s editors have put together an exhaustive new book. In a short video, BBC News talks to the US cartoonists Pat Bagley and Nick Anderson about lampooning Barack Obama and […]

If you are Oldie enough …

Martin Honeysett writes with news of a London social occasion: The Oldie magazine 20th anniversary party at Simpsons on the Strand was the ideal moment to present to editor Richard Ingrams a PCO award commemorating his services to cartooning for the past fifty years. The award was gratefully received by the editor who then duly sang […]

Pearsall in the wilderness

An exhibition and sale of work by the cartoonist Simon Pearsall, who draws the regular First Drafts cartoon for Private Eye, opens in London next week. The Wilderness Years: 1963 – 2011 is at the 3 Bedfordbury gallery, which is at 3 Bedfordbury Court, logically enough, Covent Garden. It starts on Tuesday 4 October and […]

Tortoise Husbandry

Tony Husband’s tortoise take on England and the World Cup Many gag cartoonists have had their fruitful areas of interest over the decades. The very wonderful Larry (Terry Parkes) spent productive years milking the world of art, and the great, and recently late, Ray Lowry would have been bereft without rock ‘n’ roll or Nazis. […]

Oldie cartoon book and exhibition

“Many readers would not admit it but the first thing they do with a magazine like The Oldie is to flick through it to look at the cartoons. If that is true, as I think it is, then the cartoons assume enormous importance.” Richard Ingrams, editor of The Oldie, and former editor of Private Eye, […]

Cartoon Pick of the Week

Bloghorn spotted this great work this week… One: Holland in the Oldie on Playing Health and Safety Two:Matt of the Telegraph on the GCSE results Three:Peter Schrank of The Independent on Russian bears British cartoon talent From the PCO (Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation)