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New Foghorn cartoon magazine published

April 8, 2009 in Comment

Inside this issue;
Chris Madden introduces us to a Wallace you may be unfamiliar with.
Tim Harries wonders where all the stylophones went.
The Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival preview offers a plethora of cartoony goodness.
Wilbur Dawbarn gets scientific.
The Foghorn guide to Evolution raises a few eyebrows.
And Pete Dredge takes on Horne and Corden.

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New Foghorn cartoon magazine published

February 5, 2009 in General


Chichi Parish finds out what happens when burlesque meets art school at Dr Sketchy’s.
Chris Madden
gets scientific for Valentine’s with “Love is a drug.’’
Clive Collins goes a bit historical with “Don’t mention the War.”
Do you know how to spot a “David Low’’ forgery? If not, subscribe to this magazine.
Pete Dredge takes on TV cookery shows in “The Critic”
Roger Penwill turns his gaze to windows in “Buildings in the Fog’’
Plus the usual features, and an extra large helping of jokes.

Welcome to the Bloghorn's new home

January 11, 2009 in News

In a bid to kick start the UK housing market, the Bloghorn has moved to these new premises. Please enjoy poking around, our apologies if you find anything is working in other than tip-top fashion, but you know how it is with moving.

The chairleg for the Bloghorn’s eminence grise, The Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation, said:

Finding Bloghorn a new home is an essential step on our path to world domi … sorry, I mean the new Bloghorn platform will allow us more flexibility in doing what we want to do; making sure that a little more of the world is aware of our popular art form by presenting the work of very best of UK cartoonists, together with news items and cartoon-related features, all amazingly with only minimal recourse to tits, bums and Celebrity-Boffing-on-Ice.

The legacy of Punch – and the professional cartoonists

October 1, 2008 in News

Evidence for the existence of a predecessor publication to our own Foghorn cartoon magazine has been revealed on a national media outlet. You may listen again to the wireless segment here.

The PCO: Great British cartoon talent

New Foghorn cartoon magazine out now

June 3, 2008 in General

A new Foghorn cartoon magazine from the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation is out now. If you would like to subscribe to the six issues a year please click the big blue button to your right, now.
Click to enlarge the picture
Showcasing British cartoon talent

New PCO Foghorn magazine

March 26, 2008 in General

The new issue of the super soaraway Foghorn cartoon magazine, written by and about Britain’s professional cartoonists and joke makers, will soon be available. If you commission artwork in your working life you can get a free copy by clicking the button to your right.

British cartoon talent

PCO Procartoonists – Foghorn cartoon magazine

January 21, 2008 in General

Foghorn, the full colour magazine of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation is in production right now and is due to land on the desks of some lucky art buyers soon. This all new exciting flood-proof issue will include articles from PCOers Martin Honeysett, Martin Rowson, Roger Penwill and Pete Dredge alongside the usual top jokes and regular features. This edition’s cover cartoon is by Mr Ross Thomson – click T for Thomson.
21st January 2008
British cartoon talent

PCO's Foghorn – The ProCartoonist's cartoon magazine

September 26, 2007 in News

Complete in almost every respect, Foghorn, the magazine of professional cartoonists is soon to wing its way to the printers. Mike Williams* provides the cover for this issue.

‘‘Well, that’s the last of the Mohicans…there’s a little bit of Sioux left if anyone’s interested.’’

* Click W for Williams here

PCO Procartoonists – Foghorn

September 3, 2007 in General

It’s only a month to the new issue of the Professional Cartoonists cartoon magazine.

PCO Procartoonists – The ProCartoonist's cartoon magazine

August 2, 2007 in News

Cover cartoon by Tim Harries. You can find Tim’s folio on our main website – just click H for Harries