Get Colouring

Jonathan Cusick writes: Support the festival this Christmas by giving the cartoon fans in your life a copy of the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival Colouring Book! More than 40 black line cartoons from top cartoonists for your shading enjoyment. Relax, be inspired or just have a giggle. Fun for all ages. Sold to raise funds for […]

Face time comes to an end

The Faces and Voices experiment conducted by the member William Rudling has come to an end. It was part of the “So You Want to be a Scientist?” project run by the BBC radio show Material World. You can read our earlier reports on the experiment here and here. The final took place at The Times Cheltenham […]

Putting a voice to the face

We told you in March about William Rudling, the cartoonist and member who is one of four finalists in Radio 4’s So You Want to be a Scientist? He recently took his Faces and Voices experiment to the Bang Goes the Theory roadshow in Sheffield. Here is his report: The warm welcome and friendly support […]

Art comes face to face with science

Material World, the BBC Radio 4 science programme, has launched a challenge to the find the amateur scientist with the most interesting idea – and the cartoonist William Rudling is in the running. William, a member, is one of four finalists in the So You Want to be a Scientist? challenge. The cartoonist, 69, from Leeds, […]

Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival

PCO cartoonist William Rudling on the joy of painting.This is another sneak preview of submitted work for the Is it Art exhibition from the forthcoming Shrewsbury cartoon festival.British cartoon talent From the PCO (Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation)