Talking truth to power

February 2, 2014 in Events, News

Cartoon © Andy Davey @

Cartoon © Andy Davey @

Andy Davey, PCO member and former editorial cartoonist at The Sun is presenting a talk hosted by the Centre for Journalism at the University of Kent on Wednesday (5 February).

It’s called Truth, Power and … Cartoons: Are political cartoons irrelevant? and is part of a week of presentations on activism, campaigning and politics at the university.

Andy told us: “I’m showing how important, trenchant and powerful cartoons have been in times of yore and comparing with today’s cosy relationship between cartoonists, newspapers and politicians.”

He said the talk will also look at how political cartooning is “a life and death business” in other. less democratic countries.

“I want to make the point that we mainly address the Westminster Village soap opera, regardless of the fact that it has less and less power. Why do the real power brokers – global institutions, banks, funds, world trade organisations etc – escape criticism while we shout at the Westminster puppets on stage?”

He will also look at the changes cartoonists face in the digital age and what their future might be. Andy said he will be “making a plea that cartoons can still be powerful – perhaps when released from editors’ whims”.

The talk, which will be followed by a question and answer session, is at 1pm in room PK008 of the Pilkington Building, in the university’s Medway Campus in Chatham.

14 responses to Talking truth to power

  1. Break a leg, Andy and well done for taking on such a mighty brief. I think you’re dead right about puppets.

  2. well, thank you very much, Blogheads. Very nice of you to big up me talk innit. 

  3. Lovely cartoon, Andy. I wonder why they sacked you from the Sun?

  4. Yep, good luck with that Andy. Is it being filmed, recorded in any way?

  5. Have fun, Mr D! 

  6. Recorded? Shoot, I never thought of that? Hmm. I might end up in court then. I might have to impose media blackout. 

  7. Good luck for the talk Andy.  If I wasn’t hundreds of miles away I’d be there.

  8. Remember, if you’re stuck for words, do a little dance. That’s always worked for me.

  9. All the best with the talk Andy. And the little dance.

  10. I’ll brush up my moves, Andrew. 

    Looks like it’s caused a bit of a stir on campus – before any words have been uttered. The students have used an adulterated poster of Uncle Joe Stalin to advertise the week’s lectures and events; Apparently he causes offence to some. There was a time when…
  11. Just read the piece in the students’ mag. Sensitive bunch, eh ? I can see this becoming an unlooked – for projection of Dr Davey into leadership of the left-wing studenthood – shoulder high through the streets, les Miserables…………………….

  12. Hope the talk went well, Andy.

  13. oh you tinkers. went ok, ta. Windbagged for hours. Started 1pm. The sound of snoring and one suicide led me to an early close at 7pm. 

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