The female cartoonist who isn't

February 8, 2011 in Comment

Rachel Gold cartoonistThe world of cartooning is dominated by men, and political cartoons in particular seem to be almost exclusively a male preserve.

So there was much interest when a new political cartoonist called Rachel Gold (cartoon portrait, right) emerged in Austria, seemingly out of nowhere.

But all was not as it seemed. Rachel Gold is a pseudonym for a male cartoonist, Markus Szyszkowitz, who believes that a woman in this male-dominated world is allowed a more singular voice.

Read the full story at the Daryl Cagle Cartoon Blog

3 responses to The female cartoonist who isn't

  1. Damn… I never knew I had such an advantage! I really should change my name…

  2. “Rahels’ identity, although not a secret……….” Well it CERTAINLY isn’t now.

  3. *sound of head thudding against wall*

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