The ins and outs of Europe through the eyes of Kipper Williams

May 20, 2016 in General


© Kipper Williams

The Prime Minister calls it the most important decision of our time. Many are worried, some couldn’t care less. But this summer the debate on Europe is the centre of national conversation, so it’s with perfect comedy timing that Amberley are publishing Kipper Williams’ take on the Euro debate ahead of the 23 June referendum.

From Brussels’ red tape to tax dodging corporations, batty nationalists to Machiavellian Europhiles, from triumph to farce – and back – Kipper Williams finds all the ingredients for comedy in his new book, ‘IN or OUT? Europe in Cartoons’.


Award winning cartoonist Kipper Williams

PCO member Kipper is one of this country’s foremost political cartoonists and has been published in The Spectator, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Private Eye and Country Life, among others. He has also provided illustrations for a number of books, including Bill Bryson’s ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’.

‘IN or OUT’ looks like it ticks all the discerning cartoonophile’s boxes, regardless of which one they’ll be ticking come 23 June.


© Kipper Williams

Kipper’s book is available now in paperback at £8.99.

For more information call Amberley’s Hazel Kayes on 01453 847 813 or email








2 responses to The ins and outs of Europe through the eyes of Kipper Williams

  1. Ace stuff, both Kipper’s book and Martin’s exhibition (as in previous blog) and great to have both in the PCO. Wishing them both every success in all directions. It’s a sad and stupid world that shuts down possibilities for publication, ditches cartoonists and that would deprive us of such stuff.

  2. Well said, Rupert.

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