The larger art of the cartoon

October 22, 2009 in Comment

Comic book mural, Brussels. on Twitpic

Spotted by Bloghorner Adrian Teal. Click the picture for more detail.

3 responses to The larger art of the cartoon

  1. Fabulous example of how eye-catching and effective cartoons can be in all walks of life. Now if someone can just cut down that tree…

  2. Brussels – and other European cities – use good cartooning like this a lot. Yet another example of cultural difference. An R4 news item this morning featured artists commissioned to fulfill one of the UK Olympic year’s aims – that of celebrating the UK’s artistic diversity – and surprise, surprise, none were cartoonists.[although one proposed towing an iceberg around the coast. Which is quite funny] Watch out when Brussels gets the Olympics. Tin – Tin will carry the torch.

  3. Yes, and my money would be on the Thomson Twins doing well in the synchronised diving competition!

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