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April 16, 2008 in General

PCOer Bill Stott writes:

We’re good at celebrating the work of dead cartoonists in the UK, but less adept at flagging up good living ones. True, some live cartoonists are celebrated, but not many. Only recently, the media fate of visual humour was placed in the hands of the Hayward Gallery on London’s South Bank. The curator of the resulting show chose not to feature any cartoonists, living, dead, or even those just a bit off colour. Instead the job of representing visual humour in the UK was given to some other people who turned in deeply unfunny, clunky pieces of preciousness, technically, described as art. We say, Enough! We also say find a joke (sometimes) by going here – or to, yes, you guessed it, Shrewsbury.

Bloghorn notes that you’ll probably find Bill Stott there too.

British cartoon talent

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  1. To echo Bill’s comments…. if you seriously want to see HUMOUR and ART combined together, Shrewsbury is the place to see it this weekend.

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