The post-Christmas Round-up

December 28, 2012 in General, Links, News

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The gifts may have been exchanged and the turkey polished off, but there’s still time for a few festive treats of the cartooning variety that may have escaped your attention over the Christmas period.

You can enjoy every installment of Peattie and Taylor‘s 15-part seasonal Alex tale, It’s A Wonderful Crisis, as it unfolds over at the Telegraph site.

Quentin Blake becomes a Sir in the new Year’s Honours. The BBC describes him as  an illustrator*. member Royston Robertson has put together a cartoon advent calendar again this year, with a different gag posted to his blog each day in the run-up to Christmas. Take a look at Royston’s festive goodies here. Elsewhere, The Telegraph’s Matt Pritchett provides a topical – but far less appealing – advent calendar of his own.

Ben Jennings brings a Dickensian feel to proceedings over at The Guardian, while Martin Rowson riffs on the Slaughter of the Innocents for the same paper. At The Telegraph, Christian Adams has his own take on Plebgate.

For The Independent, Dave Brown cautions against festive overeating and Peter Schrank brings a topical slant to the Christmas sales. Finally, Stephen Collins takes the PM on a merry chase for The Spectator.

* Please feel to discuss ‘what’ he is in the comments should you be so minded.

6 responses to The post-Christmas Round-up

  1. Aye, he’s an illustrator.  Seen ‘im speak at an Association of Illustrators forum.  Nowt wrong with being an illustrator.

  2. He’s a cartoonist what can illustrate brilliantly using his cartooning skills, Sir Quentin is. Nowt wrong with being a cartoonist, or an illustrator. 

  3. And looks a little bit like Denis Dowland.

  4. YES!!! I remember when I first met Denis, I was trying to think who he looked like.

  5. I’m sure Sir Quentin gets mistaken for Denis on a regular basis. My thoughts on first meeting Denis was that he looked nothing like Denis. Or not the Denis I had imagined, anyway. Wasn’t disappointed…

  6. Hmmm. Has anybody ever seen Sir Denis and Quentin TOGETHER ? Makes you wonder………………..

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